BHeC Staff Forgo Christmas Lunch To Volunteer

December 15, 2015

The Bermuda Health Council’s eight person team chose this year to forgo their Christmas lunch to provide lunch or dinner for those persons in need.

A spokesperson said, “As a regulator on the Island, the Health Council team is normally found working on policy changes, assisting the public with queries about the health system, monitoring employers’ compliance and ensuring the quality of our health system.

“This year rather than attend their annual Christmas luncheon the Health Council team worked with other volunteers at Meals-on-Wheels [MOW] to prepare and deliver meals to the almost 180 clients of MOW.

[L to R]: Lena Hassell, Sheila Jones and Tiara Carlington prepare dessert for Meals on Wheels

Health Council gives-up Christmas lunch (1)

“MOW prepares and delivers freshly cooked meals island-wide to persons who by reason of ill health are otherwise unable to prepare a nourishing meal on their own or who have no care giver who can consistently provide this service.

“MOW prepares between 180 and 200 meals 4 days a week and delivers them right into the homes of the needy. They cater to clients requiring diabetic, renal, vegetarian, gluten free and low salt meals as well as those with regular diets.”

The Acting CEO of the Council, Tawanna Wedderburn said, “The Health Council is mindful that access to a healthy diet is crucial to a healthy life. We appreciate the important role that charities such as Meals on Wheels play to assist in achieving this.

“This year, our staff will devote one day as volunteers allowing us to communicate directly with Meals on Wheels’ staff and clients. This intimate exchange helps the Health Council to identify more suitable solutions to improve the health of Bermuda’s residents.

[L to R]: Tiara Carlington, Robyn Skinner, Ian Cameron and Megan Nesbitt volunteering at Meals on Wheels

Health Council gives-up Christmas lunch (2)

“Ordinarily throughout the year the Health Council hears numerous heartfelt stories from a range of people and the struggles they are experiencing to attain or maintain good health. Opportunities such as this, to meet and communicate with the people that we spend most of the year working on solutions for, better enables us to find those solutions. It strengthens partnerships and builds bridges necessary for all of us to work together to ensure a healthier Bermuda.”

Allison Garland, Volunteer Coordinator, Meals on Wheels said, “Meals on Wheels is extremely grateful for the assistance of the Bermuda Health Council. We always welcome the opportunity for local companies to come experience what we do on a daily basis cooking and delivering meals to the elderly. It helps to raise awareness and encourages financial support within the community.”

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