Ongoing Resurfacing Works On South Road

December 2, 2015

The Ministry of Public Works said they wish to “advise motorists of continuing resurfacing work on South Road, Devonshire, from the entrance of Devonshire Bay Road to Sayle Road. Motorists have contacted the Ministry to enquire as to why part of this road appears to have been resurfaced soon after work earlier this year.

“The resurfacing plan for this road involves laying an initial layer of sand-asphalt to prepare the existing damaged road, followed by a thicker layer of asphalt to increase the overall asphalt thickness, enhance the strength of the road and make it more resistant to water damage and flooding.

“The lower layer of asphalt was laid in 2014/15 before work was suspended on this site for repair and refurbishment work on the Ministry’s asphalt manufacturing plant and to allow resurfacing work on other priority sites at Scaur Hill and Dutton Avenue.

“The final layer is now being laid on the section up to the Collector’s Hill service station and works will continue towards Sayle Road during December. The Ministry apologises for any inconvenience caused to road users and local residents and businesses.”

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  1. Micro says:

    Oh bollocks.