Sailboat Continues Voyage After It Runs Aground

December 10, 2015

The sailing vessel Remek II continued on to its next port of call in New York after running aground off Bermuda’s west end over the weekend.

A Bermuda Maritime Operations spokesperson said, “On Saturday 5th December 2015 at 4.22pm, Bermuda Radio received a VHF call from S/V Remek II reporting that the vessel had run aground 1.5nm NW off Daniels Head.

“Bermuda Radio initiated an Urgent Marine Information Broadcast to all vessels in the area while also contacting Bermuda Marine Police for further assistance.

“A short while later, S/V Remek II calls Bermuda Radio to report that the vessel was free from the rocks & underway with no water ingress. Bermuda Radio requested that the vessel anchor in their present position and await arrival of Marine Police.

“Rescue 1 arrives on scene a short while later and tows S/V Remek II into Ely’s harbour, where the vessel remained at anchor overnight.

“Early the next morning, Rescue 1 assisted S/V Remek II on its departure via the Western Boat Channel to its next port of call in New York.

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