Court: 38-Year-Old Man Admits Defacing Jail Cell

January 11, 2016

Appearing in Magistrates Court this morning [Jan 11], a 38-year-old man was ordered to attend the Mental Health Court after he admitted defacing a jail cell at Hamilton Police Station.

Mr Denton Santucci pleaded not guilty to being drunk and incapable in a public place on 9th October 2015, however admitted damaging the floor and walls of a police holding cell on the same date.

The Crown said that it would offer no evidence on the first charge. The Crown told the Magistrate that on 9th October, Mr Santucci, accompanied by a dog, was found wandering in the road in the Black Watch Pass area and thereby presenting a danger to himself and to other road users.

Mr Santucci was taken into custody and transported to Hamilton Police Station, where proved uncooperative. Mr Santucci was placed in a clean holding cell and later, when police checked him, they found that the cell’s wall and floor had been smeared with faeces.

Mr Santucci was removed to another cell and the defaced cell was cleaned by a specially employed private cleaning company.

Mr Santucci’s defence counsel told Magistrate Khamisi Tokunbo that Mr Santucci had mental health issues and needed care in an appropriate institution. Given the opportunity to speak, Mr Santucci told the Magistrate that he had: “Nothing to say.”

The Magistrate ordered a Psychiatric Report and ordered Mr Santucci to attend at Mental Health Court later this month.

[Note: Due to legal reasons there are very specific rules about commenting on court stories, and as such comments are restricted].

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