Argus Participants Exercised Over 20,000 Hours

January 11, 2016

Argus Health Stats in 2015 Bermuda Jan 10 2016The Argus Group announced the results of its first year of Get Up & Thrive., an online wellness programme that offers team and individual challenges, activity tracking and other physical and mental wellbeing activities.

Introduced in March 2015, Get Up & Thrive. launched three series of eight week-long team challenges in 2015.

The challenges focused on weight loss and increasing the number of steps participants take each day. Throughout the challenges, the average steps per day were more than 8,400.

During the year, cumulatively, participants exercised over 20,000 hours. In total, over 3.5 million steps were walked as part of the team challenges. Further, a total of 718 pounds were lost as a result of the Get Up & Thrive. programme.

When Argus asked participants how confident felt that they could make ongoing improvements to their routine and physical activity choices as a result of the programme, the majority signified that they were very confident and more than 80 per cent of participants reported feeling satisfied with the challenges.

Michelle Jackson, Executive Vice President, Group Insurance of the Argus Group, says: “We are encouraged by the level of participation and the positive feedback we’ve received. We look forward to reaching even more Argus Health members this year. Our goal is to motivate the community to be more active and live healthier lives and we will continue to offer activities in 2016 that are designed to help people do just that.”

Argus also announces that Ms Zenja Jones from Bermuda Aviation Services Ltd. is the 2015 Grand Prize Raffle Winner. Ms Jones wins the $2,500 raffle for consistently participating in the challenges throughout the year and placing in the highest performance bracket.

By participating in Get up & Thrive., everyone is eligible to win rewards which are drawn at random; the more you participate the more opportunities to win. Over 100 participants were rewarded prizes in 2015. Rewards included a BELCO voucher of $1,000, travel vouchers worth up to $750, grocery vouchers worth up to $500 and NutriBullets.

Ms Jones commented: “Thank you Argus for offering this programme and for the $2,500 grand raffle prize! I worked hard all year long in the Argus wellness challenges and really pushed myself to invest the time and energy into improving my health. Tracking your daily activities is very important if you want to see overall change.

“It also makes you accountable for what you do. Participating in the team challenges was a key part of my success. Whenever I felt like stopping I would think of my teammates at Bermuda Aviation Services and that would motivate me to keep going.

“I encourage people to join the Get Up & Thrive. online programme. It’s filled with fun team challenges and great prizes to win along the way. The greatest prize of all is a healthier you.”

The first team challenge of 2016 starts on January 25 and Argus health members can register at until January 31. While working with a team of coworkers, family or friends, participants in this challenge will set weekly goals and help each other reach new levels of fitness.

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