Bermuda Broadcasting Partners With BBC UK

January 12, 2016

The Bermuda Broadcasting Company Ltd. has announced a major partnership with the BBC [UK] to offer World Service News and premium BBC Radio news content on the island.

Executive Director of Sales and Marketing at The Bermuda Broadcasting Co Ltd Anthony Mocklow said, “This is a very exciting time for the Bermuda Broadcasting Company as we embark on this partnership with one of the world’s most established news and content organizations.

“We have spent the past several months negotiating this exclusive partnership, bringing The BBC World Service News back to the ‘free to air radio community.’

“It is a giant leap forward, and we are thrilled with this development.”

Ana Bastos, BBC Partner Manager in London, said, “We are excited to appoint The Bermuda Broadcasting Co Ltd as our partner in Bermuda. The island wide coverage that The Bermuda Broadcasting have on island is impressive and we are excited to see this content development project get started.”

Mr. Mocklow said, “Bermuda is a British Overseas Territory with a significant volume of international residents with a direct connection with the UK. Bermuda residents will once again have a ‘free to air’ radio service allowing them to stay connected with global events.

“The BBC partnership will add to our already comprehensive programming list for radio and television, including international news, business, documentaries, culture, health, science and politics.

“We will soon be in a position to announce the schedule of BBC World Service programming for radio, starting first with the news, and then following this up with further programming content additions.

“The BBC World Service partnership is a very positive step in the direction of providing a complete and quality radio experience and we are excited to be able to re-launch this very valuable service.

“Bermuda Broadcasting will announce additional changes to both radio and television programming in the weeks ahead, as the company brings onboard new technology and new studios through 2016. Bermuda Broadcasting is the island’s is most experienced broadcasting company with a history of bringing innovative content and service to the community.

“Local free to air television and radio stations are vital to the well-being of the community and we plan to continually improve our product. We are confident that by providing BBC World Service to both the residential and business community it will attract a great audience and potentially partners and sponsors.

“Bermuda has a significant commercial connection to the UK through both the international business community and the residential community making this partnership support an even closer connection with the world news.”

A BBC spokesperson said, “The entire team at The BBC are excited about the changes and additions to our radio stations, and we welcome the community’s feedback as we work to bring Bermuda the outstanding information and entertainment that people need in our rapidly evolving world.”

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  1. Rada Gast says:

    Good to have the World Service back on Bermuda airwaves in the near future.

  2. X says:

    YAY – this is great news.

  3. Jolly says:

    I will be so happy to have BBC World back (lol, and on local bbc too). There is nothing else like it in the world in terms of quality.

  4. Jonathan Land Evans says:

    Many thanks to both BBCs. It will be very good indeed to have the World Service on our airwaves again.