Bulk Carrier Expected To Arrive In Bermuda

January 26, 2016

[Updated] The M/V Apollon is expected to arrive in the Bermuda area this evening [Jan 26] so a 26-year-old crew member suffering from suspected appendicitis can be provided with medical care.

A spokesperson said, “BMOC initially received a call from the vessel on the 20th January when positioned over 1000 nm east-southeast of Bermuda, with the vessel reportedly battling heavy seas over the last few days, and some respite this morning as conditions improve.

“The 26-year-old Filipino national is reported to be in a stable condition following medical advice from shore and is being constantly monitored by crew on board.

“M/V Apollon is due to arrive off the East End at 10:30pm tonight when the patient will be taken ashore by Marine & Ports pilot boat ‘St. George’. Once the transfer is complete it is anticipated that M/V Apollon will resume its original voyage from Gibraltar to New Orleans.”

Photo courtesy of Marine Traffic

Apollon Bermuda Jan 26 2016

Update 12.17am, Jan 27: The sick crewman was successfully disembarked off the ship and transferred by pilot boat St George to Ordnance Island.

Pilot Boat Bermuda, January 26 2016-1

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