Photos/Video: Students Recreate Theatre Boycott

January 29, 2016

Students at Harrington Sound performed a skit on the 1959 Theatre Boycott today [Jan 29], bringing history to life in a fun and educational manner.

A key event in Bermuda’s history, the boycott began in June 1959 with flyers circulating urging black Bermudians to boycott movie theatres to protest their segregated seating policies. The movement gained steam, and in July 1959 the theatre owners announced an end to the racially segregated seating policies.


In describing how this morning’s skit came to fruition, P6 Teacher Ms. Fikrte Ming said the students have been learning about the Theatre Boycott and the Progressive Group’s involvement, with the teacher explaining that she interviewed Mrs. Florenz Maxwell in order to gain a better understanding of the topic.

“The class was then divided into groups and had to come up with a script for each scene to perform for each other, which they had fun doing,” Ms Ming said. “Deep discussions were held so they could understand the climate in Bermuda during segregation, attitudes, and the restrictions put on blacks at that time.”

“The students love learning about Bermuda history and are always excited to add drama to any lesson,” added Ms Ming. “The students made signs but were also lent placards by their friends at the Bermuda Industrial Union to add greater effect while performing; we would like to thank them for their contribution as well.”

The welcome at this morning’s event was delivered by Jekai Eve, scene one “The Secret Meeting” was narrated by Sage Smith, scene two “The Movies [segregated] was narrated by Layla Perry Burrows, scenes 3 & 4 “The Rally” were narrated by Cheyenne Tavares, scene 5 “The Movies [desegregated] was narrated by Alayah Heath, the conclusion and thanking the Progressive Group was done by Manning Smith, while calling each member by name was done by Caelen Robinson

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  1. Excellent, ALL the schools should do the skit.Chances are they MIGHT experience some effects of it in the near future.
    Well done

  2. Tosha says:

    Congratulations Students and Teacher….Knowledge is Power!

  3. LaVerne Furbert says:

    Thank you Bernews!!

  4. Bermy Realist says:

    We really need to have a History museum based on civil rights in Bermuda.

    • Strike fund says:

      Without wishing to sound cynical, would such a museum get many visitors?

      I think initiatives such as this in schools is better. Is there a Bermuda history curriculum delivered in schools? There should be and the civil rights struggles need to be in there.

      Many of the adults on these threads could learn a lot from these kids.

      • There is a proto-type at the Union.

      • watchfuleyes says:

        Everything can’t be a skit. , they take a lot if time and practice. ..but a lot of those topics mentioned are and have been done as projects, book reports and interviews etc.Since Bermuda history starts in P1 this is hardly a start but work in progress. Bernews can’t always be there though but fantastic things are happening in schools all the time

  5. watchfuleyes says:

    Yes there is a Bermuda history curriculum taught in Social Studies and it begins right from P1 of Primary School

  6. Takbir Karriem Sharrieff says:

    1959 Theatre Boycott is a nice start to our awakening,but Sally Bassett ,Roosevelt Brown,and The black slave who first set foot on the Island,Sea Venture,Experiences,Struggle of the Portuguese ,and Black slaves of Bermuda,Riot at Belco,Death and Murders of Commission George Duckett,and Governor and A.D.C.and his dog.> Bringing to head the first time 3 Colonial British Heads have ever been Murdered,in a British,Colony,The,>Black Muslim Movement,and Black Berets,also could make very interesting Skits. that way ,all eyes could be opened and The biggest recent Event Planned for 2017 could be really spiced up and seen in its full context and importance to Bermuda.Just Saying.Peace.

  7. Widget says:

    Good work teachers and young people of Harrington Sound. Let this teach you no one should be segregated or treated differently because of the colour of your skin. No one, be you black or white. Move forward as a people and the world will be a much better place for all.