Woman’s Bag Snatched At City Hall Parking Lot

January 24, 2016

A woman was injured on Friday night [Jan 22] when she had her handbag snatched while she was walking through the City Hall parking lot. A male riding a light coloured motorcycle rode up behind her and snatched her handbag, causing her to fall to the ground.

A police spokesperson said, “Around 7:30pm on Friday, January 22nd a reported handbag snatch occurred in the City Hall parking lot in the City of Hamilton.

“It appears that a 23 year old Pembroke woman was walking through the parking lot in the direction of Wesley Street when an unknown male riding a light coloured motorcycle rode up behind her and snatched her handbag, causing her to fall to the ground.

“The 23 year old woman sustained injuries to her knees and hands.

“The offending motorcyclist left the scene with the handbag, which contained a quantity of cash and personal items, heading towards Park Road.

“The suspect is described as a black male, around 5’10’’ tall wearing a black puffy jacket and a white helmet, riding a lightcoloured motorcycle that possibly had a basket on the back.

“Inquiries regarding this incident continue and any witnesses should contact the Hamilton Police Station on 247-1704.”

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  1. Family Man says:

    Good thing the Police, with all the cameras, are right on top of this.

    Oh, wait … this was Friday?

    • Jim says:

      I’m sure they are, what’s your point?

      Is that the attitude you pass on to your children too, ‘Family Man’?

      • Family Man says:

        My point is that those camera feeds are supposed to be recorded. I figure, no matter which direction he went after Park Road he must have gone through at least three camera locations. Here we are two days later and the best they can do is say he may/or may not have had a basket on the bike? Either the cameras aren’t working or they really haven’t got around to reviewing the tapes yet. In either case that’s a poor job.

        And you’re right, that IS the attitude I try to teach my kids. Every job they do has to be done to the best of their abilities. Even the little jobs. A half a$$ed job is simply not acceptable. Unfortunately it’s hard to impress upon them how important that is when every day they see people doing such poor jobs. In Bermuda, mediocre seems to be something people strive for.

        • Fiat lux says:

          Hey Family Man, I hope you teach your kids to be inquisitive and seek facts. And why are you being so negative and judgmental without knowing the facts. You just seem disgruntled and anti-police. If you think you have all the answers then go join the police and show BDA how it’s done; if not then you know what to do…

          • Rowan says:

            I can actually see Family Man’s point. The police seem pretty helpless these days. After the fact, all we seem to hear are apologies and condolences to the victims. It doesn’t seem as if they have a true grip on crime.

        • Jim says:

          MAYBE this article is based on the initial description of the bike rider shortly after the incident happened!!

          You’re the same guy that gets an attitude when the police pull you over, asking them why they’re not worrying about the ‘serious’ stuff lol..Meanwhile, they’re just arrested several drunk drivers and jacka**es with no insurance..

          But you wouldn’t hear it, because you know how to do everything better..

  2. Walk in their shoes says:

    Hope they nail the scum. Despicable.

  3. ....... says:

    People disgust me! Stop the madness

  4. backakillme says:

    If you give someone enough rope

  5. Juice Onion says:

    And that guy makes 1000 dollars an hour or something. Bla bla bla.

  6. D says:

    A light colored bike hmmm same bike as the flatts gas station robbery and they seem to ride around 7:30

  7. Hair says:

    All these crimes are on a light coloured bike… Same folks doing it???

    • Time Shall Tell says:

      I guess we should ban all light colored bikes now……Seems to be the same logic to tackle the rest of the crime on this island.

  8. Ann says:

    Please explain what someone makes a year has anything to do with the scum that are running around terrorizing the island. Start sending this punks off the island to some prison where they may learn some respect, it would save the respectable people of this Island a lot of money.

    • Lone Wolf says:

      Sending our criminals overseas to “Real” prisons won’t really solve anything. Especially if they send them back when their sentence is complete.

      Yes – just about any prison anywhere else in the world is probably ‘harder time’ than here in Bermuda ….. BUT ….. that also creates ‘harder’ criminals.

      AND would also provide our criminals with new/more contacts in a much larger criminal world.

      Prisons are basically universities where criminals go to receive a higher education in their field. Sending our bad boys (and girls) to any other prison would be a huge mistake.

      • Mr Sparkle says:

        Sending filth like this to a real prison overseas is long overdue. Complete removal from our society would get the message across……Perhaps they could stay there is well.

        • Ann says:

          I agree, the chance of them surviving in a real prison is questionable, without Mama bringing a care package every Sunday. The Money we would save would be HUGE!

          • Jus' Wonderin' says:

            You people need to stop watching these crime shows lmfao. The negatives of sending people would outweigh the positives by far!!

            • Ann says:

              Please tell me how sending them to a scary place for a quarter of our tax dollars instead of a hotel with better medical services than our seniors are afforded would be a bad decision.
              $86000.00 a person here in Westgate for what?

  9. Rowan says:

    Low life coward!!

  10. Um Um Like says:

    Usually crimes like these are committed on darker bikes.

  11. Truth is killin' me... says:

    They must prey on the ones that look weak or vulnerable because do it to me and I’m taking your A** OUT!!!

  12. Helper says:

    On Friday night I picked my friend up from the bus terminal at the same time this happened. Once we left the terminal we were flagged down by the woman, so we came to a stop. We parked the bike and asked her what had happened. She informed us that a man had snatched her handbag and dragged her along the ground as she was holding on. She then showed us her hand with the road rash on it… and also her knees. Her pants were ripped open exposing her scraped up knees. Whilst we were by her side she called the police. We waited around with her while she contacted her friend and parents and waited on the police. Once the police arrived she briefed them on what had happened. A few minutes later I asked if she was okay now and she told me yes. Soon after, my friend I said our goodbyes and your welcomes and went on our way.

    p.s I hope she was able to find something out by now.

  13. Grizz says:

    DO THE DAMN CCTV CAMERAS WORK OR NOT?! MONEY SPENT BUT NO RESULTS. If they are working I don’t see how someone can snatch a bag in the middle of Hamilton and then roll out and NONE OF THESE EXPENSIVE CAMERAS catch ANYTHING that can help with an arrest?! I’ll sip on this tea while I wait for an answer