HSBC Team Tracker Program Donates To Charity

February 18, 2016

HSBC is encouraging staff volunteerism through several internal initiatives, including its ‘Team Tracker’ program offered via, allowing staff to log their volunteer hours and be eligible for cash awards to be donated to the charity of their choice.

The HSBC Team Tracker program 2015 winners included Nekisha Tyrrell [President, Continental Society]; Carolyn Arnold [Office Administrator, PALS]; Steven Simons [HSBC volunteer]; Jenice Germain [Engagement Coordinator, The Centre on Philanthropy]; Erwin Adderley [Chairman, Age Concern]; Martha Dismont [Executive Director, Family Centre]; Mark Watkinson [CEO, HSBC Bermuda]; Josette Matthew [HSBC volunteer]; Dena Madeiros [HSBC volunteer]; Beverly Daniels [Executive Director, Salvation Army]; Lionel.E. Cann [Salvation Army]; and Julian Rose [HSBC volunteer].

The top three winners in 2015 were Steven Simons, Josette Matthew, and Julian Rose, donating $4,500 to PALS, The Family Centre, and the Salvation Army, respectively. Dena Madeiros, logging more than 20 hours in 2015, donated $500 to Age Concern.

Recording 80 volunteer hours, Steven Simons was the top winner, saying, “Volunteering is a very fulfilling and enriching experience.  It offers me the opportunity to give back to my local community; particularly the youth which I greatly enjoy.  PALS has been very supportive of my family in the past and I am grateful that I can continue to support such a wonderful charity.”

A spokesperson said, “HSBC Bermuda staff who volunteer in their personal time to help local registered charities are encouraged to log their volunteer hours on Team Tracker and have been doing so since 2006. For those staff with the most hours logged each year, HSBC awards them with cash which they then donate to the charity of their choice.

“Profiles on staff volunteers are also published monthly on the Bank’s internal staff website, highlighting their charity work and the reason why they participate in the Team Tracker programme, as yet another way in which HSBC actively promotes the programme and to staff.”

HSBC Team Tracker Programme 2015 winners:

HSBC Team Tracker Programme 2015 Winners Bermuda Feb 18 2016

“Currently, 65 HSBC staff members have registered with the on-line Team Tracker programme, and have collectively logged over 2700 volunteer hours since 2006.”

HSBC CEO Mark Watkinson said, “I am extremely proud of our many employees who continue to give back to our community through volunteering.  HSBC Bermuda understands the importance of the employees’ volunteering efforts and will continue to support them so that they have the time to focus on important causes, from which Bermuda can only benefit.

Jenice Germain, Volunteer and Engagement Coordinator at The Centre on Philanthropy said, “The future of volunteerism in Bermuda remains bright and encouraging. We applaud HSBC Bermuda employee volunteers, for making a positive difference for change in our community.

“Volunteering is an integral part of our community development. Now even more than ever, volunteers are needed to assist non-profit organisations enabling them to continue to provide their much needed services to the community. The commitment and assistance of HSBC employee volunteers makes a tremendous difference in the success and sustainability of the charities they serve.

“Their commitment makes a major contribution to the success of a healthy community.”

“In support of staff volunteering during work hours, in 2006, HSBC Bermuda launched a Staff Volunteer Community Action Day Programme, providing all permanent, full-time HSBC Bermuda staff with time off from work each calendar year to volunteer to assist with preselected projects focused on education, the environment and the community.

“To date, HSBC staff members have volunteered almost 9,000 hours of community service.”

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