RA Invites Comment On KeyTech & CellOne Deal

February 4, 2016

The Regulatory Authority of Bermuda is inviting the public to comment on the proposed KeyTech and CellOne deal, with the response deadline set for February 12th.

Comments must reach the Authority no later than 4:00pm on 12 February 2016 to be considered. Comments can be sent to the Authority via email to kmasters@rab.bm, by post or by hand to: Kyle Masters c/o The Regulatory Authority, Cumberland House, 3 Victoria Street, Hamilton, HM 11, Bermuda.

The relevant document follows below [PDF here]:

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Comments (8)

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  1. Um.... says:

    Comments for what? The RA has to allow this deal. If not, they have essentially said that Digicel is their preferred telecoms provider in Bermuda. Only a combined KeyTech (Logic/Northrock/Cablevision) and CellOne can compete with Digice (Transact/BTC). Telecoms reform was a joke. All it has done was allow foreign entities to purchase these companies and take profits from here to use in other jurisdictions.

    LinkBermuda and TBI will eventually fold under the pressure of these behemoths. More jobs lost. Good job, RA.

    • 2MorePlease says:

      Um…, you must be right if my eyes ain’t deceiving me.

      I see now only 2 relevant ICOL entities …holding all the cards.

      Telecom reform is a joke …and more broadly, Bermuda is a joke.

      For any who are confused, the only thing serious about Bermuda is making money or losing money – full stop!

    • frank says:

      well link won’t be doing nothing great anytime soon in Bermuda
      they have no money to invest here

  2. C A Rat says:

    The RA started out strong and fair and had influence under the original CEO. Unfortunately the remaining team have been left without leadership. This deal and others will go through with no opposition from the RA.

    Ironically the RA salaries are funded by the ICOL carriers. The RA team are also proposing a wage increase.

  3. I thought we had preventative measures in place to deter monopoly,so as to encourage fair pricing and less gouging…!

  4. Regulatory Authority is ?
    And what of Bermuda Monitory athaurity?
    We have two entities that …really …have no legitimacy?!?

  5. Why not the “Nabbah Nabbah Ding Dong Baby Daddy Athaurity”??????

  6. Authority….. Let’s all be authoritative..