Govt Advises That Bus Service “Back To Normal”

March 23, 2016

The Ministry of Tourism Development and Transport is advising the public that bus service on the island is “back to normal” after some routes were impacted by equipment shortages earlier today [March 23].

A Government spokesperson said, “The Ministry of Tourism Development and Transport wishes to advise the public that bus service is back to normal after equipment shortages impacted some routes earlier today.”

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  1. Extremely poor excuse…After so many “shortages” ref. to equipment one would expect them to have a back-up; in the event something was needed or was to happen:-(

  2. IslandTeacher says:

    I love the way that ” back to normal ” is in inverted commas. N. F.B. Normal for Bermuda!!

  3. mmm says:

    No one has said one caused the shortage. Were the needed parts on the dock ? Were there insufficient funds at the time an order for supplies needed to be placed? In today,s economy, one has to borrow from Peter to pay Paul, the term ” equipment shortages ” is not a sufficient answer to the general public. Last season hundreds of tourists were left standing in long lines in Dock-yard for more than an hour in the hot sun waiting and waiting for buses, at the same time scores of locals were left at bus stops particular ly in the west end while full buses drove past them on the way to the beac hes. Its really refreshing to see buses full, and I think that P.T.B. are working with what they have. As we enter the usual busy season, it would be excellent if the powers that be who allocate funds and do scheduling and surveys, help us to have a better year. To the bus drivers, kudos, as you serve both tourist and local.

  4. Thank you …and thank you for pick up of refuse in Warwick….I’ll remember the rtum at Christmas …just for being there for us!