Family Seek Help Locating Missing Parrot

March 23, 2016

A family is desperately seeking the public’s assistance in locating their “dear family pet,” a green parrot who flew away this morning [Wednesday March 23rd].


“This beautiful bird answers to the name of Benny and went missing in the Morgan’s Road area of Southampton. Anyone that has seen Benny is asked to call 500-2721. Or email,” a spokesperson said.

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  1. PANGAEA says:

    Sprinkle lots of bird / parrot seed on your driveway, that will attract ALL KINDS OF OTHER BIRDS including Benny that is your drawing card.

    You could put the birds cage outside also including food and water and include all the favorite the toys, which we hope will may attract your pet also .

    It’s a cage to the rest of the world, it’s home to your bird.

    Who in your family is your bird fond of, that person does the calling and the catching, go slow………. because your bird is absolutely terrified by now.

    Josephine……… A Blue front Amazon

  2. Coffee says:

    In all my years up until now have I ever seen a cat talk !