Tourism Authority Releases 2015 Annual Report

April 22, 2016

Bermuda’s identity as an adventure destination is highlighted in the Bermuda Tourism Authority 2015 Annual Report, which was released online today [April 22].

The BTA said, “Among the highlights last year was Outside Magazine’s recognition of Bermuda as Best Island in its 2015 Travel Awards last March. In June, Bermuda was featured in the Wall Street Journal as the “New Destination for Adrenaline Junkies”. Triathlete Magazine and Climbing Magazine were equally impressed with Bermuda as a good fit for adventure-seeking travellers.”

“These coveted endorsements in 2015 help reintroduce Bermuda’s appeal to the kind of traveller ready to grab hold of all the things the Island has to offer,” said BTA CEO Bill Hanbury.

“The next generation of Bermuda visitors wants jets skis on the water, exploration of the railway trail and immersion in the Island’s culture. These are things we highlight in our marketing and people are taking notice.”

The 2015 Annual Report also details the BTA’s efforts in group travel and reducing seasonality in the industry and how these strategies combine to produce positive results over time.

BTA Board Chairman David Dodwell writes in his Chairman’s letter: “The BTA wants to break the back of seasonality and achieve full employment in the tourism industry year-round, for all stakeholders and the people they employ.”

Mr Hanbury writes in a report preface: “Tie together our efforts in nautical and sports tourism, throw in the traction our team and partners are generating in the group travel segment, and mix in the pipeline of new hotel inventory and we believe we have a strong foundation for 2016.”

The Bermuda Tourism Authority Act requires an annual audit of the BTA by the Office of Auditor General. Therefore financial reports related to last year will be added to the 2015 Annual Report only after the audit is completed and it has been laid in Parliament.

The 2015 Annual Report can be found here, and the 2014 Annual Report remains available online here.

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  1. JUNK YARD DOG says:

    You sure know how to fluff up the pillow ! Where are the Tourist ?

  2. Eve says:

    BTA not in a hurry to tell us how many tourists came in by air in March resulting from the Pink Sale. Where is the March report?