Video: Road Safety ‘Cross Generational Strategy’

April 21, 2016

[Updated with video] “Our vision for 2016 is to create a road safety movement by implementing cross generational strategies,” newly appointed Bermuda Road Safety Council [BRSC] chairperson Erica Rance Mill said today.

Speaking at a press conference today, Mrs. Rance Mill said, “I sit before you as the recently appointed Chairman of the BRSC. These are the individuals who are dedicated to promoting, implementing and recommending strategies that will make our roads safer.

“The members that serve on the council ex officio represent the key departments/stakeholders within the government sector, and bring to the table knowledge and experience in all areas pertaining to road use.

“The appointed members also have a broad area of expertise that blend well together. The energy of this group is very refreshing.”

Standing [left to right] Mr. Wayne Swan, BRSC member; Mr. Dennis Lister Jr., BRSC member; Sgt. Raymond Masters, Bermuda Fire Service, ex-officio; Mr. Dwayne Caines, Bermuda Police Service – Media, ex-officio; Mr. David Minors, Road Safety Officer, ex-officio,;Superintendent James Howard, Bermuda Police Service, ex-officio; Mr. Patrick Cooper, Corporation of Hamilton, ex-officio; Mr. Roger Kendall, BRSC member. Seated [left to right] Mrs. Carolina Drew, Public Works, ex-officio; Mrs. Erica Rance Mill, Chairperson; and Ms. Nekeisha Cameron, BRSC member.

road safety press event Bermuda April 21 2016

“The mandate of our Council is to promote road safety, make recommendations to the Minister for legislative changes, and to decrease morbidity on the roads. Our vision for 2016 is to create a road safety movement by implementing cross generational strategies.

“We will work in partnership with organizations like CADA and the Bermuda Police Service and we will support the efforts of the BPS Road Safety Strategy.

“One of our goals is to focus more effort on reaching the youth. They are the riders and drivers of tomorrow, and it is never too early to get them thinking about Road Safety. We are in the process of setting up our Junior Road Safety Council so that we can receive feedback directly from the youth.

“The members of the Jr Bermuda Road Safety Council will act as mentors to their peers and younger students. It is important that the youth feel a part of solutions. Our Road Safety Officer will also continue his visits and discussions in the schools, ensuring that safe road use remains in the forefront of their minds.

“For those older members of the community who may already be on the road we will continue to send messages reminding them of good driving/riding habits.

“Our slogan Think Choose Live reminds us that road safety is everyone’s responsibility. We must all think about our driving habits and make the best choices so that our lives are not permanently impacted as a result of poor choices.

“Our messages will not only be directed to riders and drivers, but also to walkers, runners, and cyclists,” continued Mrs. Rance Mill.

“For 2016 we will not have a Road Safety Week, but instead we will focus our efforts around the high traffic calendar dates of 24th of May, Heroes Weekend, Cup Match and Christmas.

“As our budget has been reduced we have implemented a marketing subcommittee who will be tasked with gaining financial sponsorship from our community partners, and creating our campaigns in a creative way to ensure maximum impact with minimal cost.

“Drink driving seems to be socially acceptable in Bermuda. We will be working with organizations like CADA to throw our support behind all Drink Driving Awareness campaigns.

“There is no question that driving while impaired is one of the biggest contributors to collisions on our roads. We will be actively involved in doing our part to see road side sobriety testing become a reality in 2016.

“Finally we will be looking at frequent collision locations to identify measures that can assist with reducing the frequency of collisions where possible.

“Already this year we have tragically lost 4 lives as a result of road traffic collisions, and we have seen the results of many more serious road traffic collisions in the media. Any life lost is one too many, and our thoughts are with those whose lives have been affected.

“In closing I would ask that each one of us become more responsible road users. Consciously consider road safety each time we put on our running shoes, hop on our cycles, or place a key in an ignition. Speak with our loved ones as often as possible about it. Accidents and collisions are almost always preventable.”

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  1. sage says:

    How many people will have to lose their lives from drunk driving before we tackle our worst drug problem? We endorse it by way of the legal acceptable limit, we say it’s ok to drink and drive if you are below this level, then we say, don’t drink and drive. CADA ads say “the brain doesn’t finish developing until 25 yrs of age, so we allow you to legally drink AND drive any four wheeled vehicle 7 years before your brain matures at 18. We really are a smart bunch. The ads also say alcohol leads to bad decision making, can the members above state whether they partake in alcohol, in any form, and if so decide whether this is a conflict of interest. We can tell the majority of politicians are drinkers.

  2. Strike fund says:

    Why does the speed sign on East Broadway smile at you when you do 49?

  3. hold on says:

    I’m not sure if mrs. Rance is related to the races that have the shop in Spanish point. Maybe the parking issue there should be first on the agenda. Or are we going to do the normal and wait for something REALLY bad to happen.

  4. hold on says:

    Rance not races.

  5. Wayne Wonders says:

    “Drink driving seems to be socially acceptable in Bermuda. We will be working with organizations like CADA to throw our support behind all Drink Driving Awareness campaigns”…what a joke!

    This statement is from the Road Safety Council that wanted to “reach” the motoring public and especially the younger road users only for them to have a function at the Goslings and have Collie Buds as the featured artist (I see two members in the picture who should remember that). What message did they think they were sending?

    I tried to offer some input but was told by the then Chairperson that “Minister Brown doesn’t want to do that because it would cause a little hardship for those who can’t afford it and also might cause a bit of “voter dissent”

    My initiatives were:

    1. To ban transporting children in the front of motorcycles and make it MANDATORY to install child seats in the rear.

    2. To BAN the importation and usage of dark, tinted, mirror finished and any visor that wasn’t clear. The shops that imported them would be fined and if they arrived in anyone’s luggage or post office being ordered from abroad individually would be confiscated and destroyed. (this is not just for road safety issues but also the antisocial ones as well)

    3. Liaise with Belco to get the street lights FIXED and in particular stop the lights that are on corners from going out as if on some timer…its very dangerous and a serious safety issue for pedestrians as well.

    4. Work with Government Roads division to redo the center marking with highly reflective luminous paint in the trouble spot areas and areas with poor street lighting which will greatly reduce the need for motorists to have high beams blinding oncoming motorists

    5. ADVERTISE that the Police are conducting radar and spot checks instead of hiding in trees or private property. Only an idiot would not take it seriously and decide to speed after seeing the “Warning! Speed trap ahead” signs. By the way, is a n arrest for speeding while operating a radar on private property WITHOUT owner consent legal?

    6. Raising the age to 21 years old to operate a motorcycle over 100cc just like years ago

    7. There is and has been TOO much information for many years regarding drunk driving laws so I have absolutely NO patience or compassion for those who flout the law. Therefore, for the first offence increase the penalty to maximum demerit points and a mandatory 3 years disqualification, for the second offence 7 years and third offence a disqualification for LIFE!…and maybe then people will take the RSC seriously!..this will also apply to those causing accidents under the influence

    I anxiously await the feedback or kickback!!

    • PBanks says:

      Some very valid suggestions there. Regarding 3 and 4, it’s abysmal that we have places along major roads where the street lighting is poor. Why hasn’t this been rectified?

      As for 7, I’d go a step further and make the second offense a life ban. Driving under the influence is serious and should be treated as such. None of this “oh I need my licence because of my job” excuses. If your job requires you to drive a vehicle, then the impetus is on *you* to obey the traffic laws.

      The whole issue of ‘voter dissent’ you alluded to seems to be quite real with governments that are afraid to take real action. Getting parts of the public ticked off isn’t as important as winning elections, so screw road rules, for the most part. Someone in a position of influence needs to make the effort and break up this anarchy on the roads. Get the police out and book the red light runners, the people running through pedestrian crossings, etc.

  6. Davie Kerr says:

    Maybe I’m biased because I’m a non-drinker anyway, but, as far as I’m concerned, it’s dead easy. If you’re going to drink, don’t drive: if you’re going to drive, don’t drink. Come on, people: it’s surely not THAT difficult to grasp!

  7. who cares most says:

    Why do we have foreign nationals on this Committe?
    Are we now saying that Bermudians aren’t qualified for this Committee?
    So the Ministry of Publuc Works doesn’t have a qualified or should I say capable Bermudian to sit on this Committee?

  8. Wayne Wonders says:

    I can take it a bit further…the street lighting from just past John Duess’s old residence to the playing field travelling west has been out for at almost two years!!!!…PATHETIC

    I see the walkers and motorists become apprehensive when travelling on that stretch of road and ask why hasn’t Belco restored the lighting there…and better yet, why hasn’t the MP in that area looked after his constituency safety?