BBC News: When Opportunity Washes Ashore

April 4, 2016

[Written by Adrienne Smatt, Bermuda Broadcasting Co.]

A St. George’s woman who once struggled in a job that paid $11 an hour has turned her life around by creating a lucrative jewellery business.

Tara Cassidy came up with the idea three years ago while stuck working in what she saw as a dead-end job as a tour guide. She found a sea fan [a type of coral], that had washed ashore, and it lead to the establishment of La Garza Jewellery, which uses materials found in the natural environment.

Ms Cassidy now works with Bermuda’s pink sand, discarded plastics and most recently, she has even added lionfish to her collection.

She said: “I felt like I had to draw awareness to the plight of coral in jewellery”.

It is the reason why none of the coral she uses is harvested but comes instead from discarded pieces. Proceeds from some of the lines of her jewellery go to charity.

Having personally made it through “desperate” times she encourages people to not confine themselves, professionally. She started her business without knowing anything about the jewellery-making process but progressed through trial and error.

Ms Cassidy adds: “I hope other people who are in desperation right now realise that they can end up doing something that they really love and are really proud of.”

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  1. Bermy says:

    Great work Tara, keep fighting the good fight. This story should be great inspiration to our creative yet struggling Bermudians. All the best!

  2. Diana says:

    Great job! I love every piece I have made by you, and get compliments on my pink sand (and most recently black sand) starfish earrings all the time. X

  3. Snowballs says:

    You inspire me.

  4. Takbir Karriem Sharrieff says:

    I have worked for less than 11….dollars an hour.Many people have worked for even less,and struggled to the top.Some fall through the cracks for lack of information and other reasons.Do for self is the best program taught to and inspired by the Nation of Islam under the Honourable Elijah Muhammad.All praise is due to Allah ,for The honorable Elijah Muhammad.Peace.

  5. Positivity says:

    Yay Tara!

  6. Hannah Collins says:

    Love your pieces Tara. :) <3