Model Showcases Photos Taken In Bermuda

April 3, 2016

Colombian model Rosanna Córdoba is presently vacationing on the island and posting photos showcasing a Bermuda backdrop to her almost 200,000 fans on Instagram, with the photos taken in Bermuda attracting over 20,000 “likes” as of this writing.

In one update Ms Córdoba said, “I’m having a wonderful day, falling in deep love with this amazing Island,” and in another she notes “I’m eating like if the world would end tomorrow! Food is too good here, actually, every thing is good here!! I’m having the best time.”

Happy #Saturday from #Bermudas Photo: @robyonekanobi

A photo posted by Rosanna Córdoba (@rosanna_cordoba) on

The cutest street I found in Bermudas as of today

A photo posted by Rosanna_Cordoba (@rosanna_diaries) on

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Comments (12)

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  1. Double 7 Single Niner says:

    Heller!!! YUM!!!!!

  2. G Be ready!! says:

    Enjoy !!!

  3. Charlly X says:

    Thanks to the invention of photography !! A beauty in a beautiful place !! She’s a Qteee!!!

  4. Niner3Zero says:

    Do all Colombian women look like this?? I’ll have to stop my Thailand trips and start going to Colombia!

    • reddamtibi says:

      Ever actually had sex with a woman based on your own merit and not the contents of your pocket? Give it a go sometime. I’d be interested to see how that works out for you.

  5. Pity says:

    Damn I wanted to check out chancery lane the other night too!!! Knew my radar was on to something lol

  6. Tank says:

    Wow, very nyce. I would leave my family to visit such a beauty

  7. moonbeam says:

    Welcome to our Bermudaful Island. Enjoy your stay with us.

  8. Whistling Frog says:

    Damn! She look Bermudian…

  9. swing voter says:

    hola chica, que pasa ! okay thats as far as my spanish goes?

  10. Tank says:

    She really is two beautiful!

  11. Forethebest says:

    I spent an evening with Rosanne and then I woke up!