BTA: Up To $20K Funding For Local Entertainers

May 17, 2016

The Bermuda Tourism Authority [BTA] said they “will bring its successful investment process for entrepreneurs to the local entertainment industry” and is “encouraging home-grown entertainers and promoters to submit new entertainment ideas to be considered for grant funding this summer.”

“We’re looking for new entertainment ideas that meet the desires of our visitors,” said BTA’s Chief Products & Experiences Development Officer Pat Phillip-Fairn. “

“We’ve conducted market research specifically on the subject of entertainment so we feel we have a firm grasp on what the modern Bermuda traveler wants. Now we just need some home-grown talent to step up to meet the challenge.”

The BTA said their market research indicates visitors are interested in:

  • “Pop-up” entertainment outdoors and in re-purposed venues
  • Intimate performances in smaller venues
  • Entertainment that reflects the Bermuda cultural experience

The BTA said, “Successful applications will receive up to $20,000 of investment funding, depending on the strength of the idea when measured against other applicants.

“Applications can be submitted online through a web-based application process. Only new entertainment ideas will be considered for grant funding, not projects that are already underway or scheduled to get underway.

“Since 2014, the Tourism Experiences process has invested $2.3 million in the home-grown ideas of local entrepreneurs. Although this new grant process focuses on entertainers, entrepreneurs of every kind can participate as long as their business idea is relevant to entertaining visitors.

“For example, vendors and performers can collaborate on submissions. The goal is to have new summer entertainment ideas launched by the end of June 2016, running through October.

“The BTA formed an Entertainment Working Group, comprised mainly of local entertainers, to provide input on the best ways to develop new entertainment offerings in Bermuda. This new investment programme is one of the strategies to emerge from the BTA’s stakeholder engagement with entertainers.

“The deadline for submissions is May 31, 2016, for entertainment experiences taking place over the 2016 summer travel period. Successful applicants will be announced June 10. Applicants may receive grant funding, marketing support or some combination of the two.

“Although existing entertainment ideas are not eligible to receive grant funding, marketing support will be consider via this new investment process. Questions can be submitted via email to David Thomas of the Product & Experiences team at

Important Dates

  • Applications open – Tuesday May 17 2016
  • Deadline for applications submission – Tuesday May 31 2016
  • Successful applicants announced – Friday June 10 2016

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Comments (7)

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  1. charity says:

    They had to do market research to find out what visitors want?? Inconceivable. Of course they want local entertainment. These are the same visitors who have returned year after year, decade after decade and when hospitality was booming. Please give them what they want.

    • So that equals to about 3 weeks of Hanbury’s salary.

      • Um got to much brains says:

        Wow you just can’t stop talking about Hanbury.

  2. Albie says:

    Jungle room, Clay House Inn, Inveririe, Ace, 40 Thieves, etc, etc, etc. sadly all gone.

    No nightclubs here on the rock.

    No tourist oriented entertainment offered anywhere.

    Few if any of our visitors want to hear angry, female negative, politically negative, “music” that appears to be the only offering.

    Give our visitors, and locals, a chance to sit back and enjoy an entertaining floor show followed by a chance to dance together and to sample an exotic cocktail or two served by an attentive wait person who is interested in providing a memorable experience. That is what our competitors down south are offering with great success.

    Yes we are not in the Caribbean but the world thinks that we are. Let’s get the calypso theme revived, it worked for decades! And remember; in the early 70′s Bermuda was so far ahead in the tourism world we used to send our tourism officials and hoteliers to places like the Bahamas to show them how it was done.

    Bermuda needs to get back to our roots.

  3. the struggle is real says:

    “And remember; in the early 70′s Bermuda was so far ahead in the tourism world we used to send our tourism officials and hoteliers to places like the Bahamas to show them how it was done.”

    Yep, the irony being that places like that have now shot past us as desirable value-for-money destinations.

  4. Ty says:

    What about the old Hawkins Island days. Both Bermudians and tourists enjoyed that. Those were some really good times. Good food – local acts – audience participation – and it was not too overly priced. Could this be revived?? We have to keep in mind though that we do not want to out price ourselves. Keep it reasonable. ie $30 for the boat ride and food, and have a cash bar on the island.

    Just a thought….

    • Albie says:

      Sadly Hawkins Island is being developed into an exclusive enclave/resort.

      Cross Island on the other hand would be an ideal spot for a tourist centric venue.