End-To-End Cancels Cycle Portion, Walk Still On

May 6, 2016

The XL Catlin End-to-End organisers announced that the walk portion of tomorrow’s event “is still on rain or shine”, but said that “in the interest of the safety of the cycling participants” they “reluctantly announce the cancellation of the cycle portion only of the XL Catlin End-to-End event tomorrow, May 7.”

Anne Mello, Chair of Bermuda End-to-End says, “We’ve been planning this event for an entire year and anticipating it as much as our participants.

“However, the current weather conditions and tomorrow’s morning predictions have led us to conclude that it would be unsafe to ask people to cycle on wet, slick roads.”

Slideshow from last year’s End to End:


A spokesperson said, “The 8:30 am cycle ferry service from Hamilton to St. George has been cancelled. Tickets can be saved and used for next year’s event.

“Registered cyclists are urged to get out their walking shoes and use their event number to walk instead!

“All participants are encouraged to keep an eye on the weather and join the walk from any spot along our route, any time of the day. Finish support in Dockyard closes at 5pm.

“Our First Aid team reminds you to bring an extra pair of socks to change into midway to avoid blisters.

  • End-to-End Walk – Buses leave Hamilton at 6:15am for 7am start in St George’s.
  • Middle-to-End Walk – Starts at 10am from Albouy’s Point.
  • Fun Walk – Starts at 2pm at Beacon Hill Somerset.

“If you’re game for some rain, do you want to join us tomorrow? Registration will be open at all Walk event starts! The swim portion of the event has been postponed until next Friday 13 May, 2016.”

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Comments (13)

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  1. Verly says:

    Wise decision!

  2. Young Person Talking says:

    why don’t they call it off and reschedule the event so everybody can participate and due to Mother’s Day being so close and also it will be more support out they know Bermudians don’t like being out in the rain.

  3. Young Person Talking says:

    I cant even take my granny out in this weather to enjoy it I feel sorry for the old people who want to support their loved ones nobody thinks about them smh

  4. Chris says:

    It’s a huge event logistically moving it to another day is virtually impossible. Hundreds of volunteers, vendors and suppliers that have had this datebook their diary for months may not be available on a different date.
    Unfortunately the weather is outside the events control. Safety of the participants has to come first

  5. Ride p says:

    I’m riding

  6. Vote for Me says:

    Realistically every event should have a rain date. We knew since Tuesday that the weather might not be conducive. The BNAA cancelled the track event and the End to End could have followed suit.

    The beauty of E2E is that it represents the largest sports participation for bikers each year. I for one look forward to riding each year and will miss not riding tomorrow.

    Is there any opportunity for there to be a one off rescheduled event?

    While I am at it, does anyone know why the middle to end starts at 8:30 and end to end starts at 10 am? For those with family members participating in each event, it makes timing a little difficult.

    • Anne Hyde says:

      The End to End begins at 7:00 am from St. George. The Middle to End starts at 10 am from Albuoy’s Point (they start setting up at 8:30 am). The short FUN WALK starts from Beacon Hill in Somerset at 2:00 pm. This is in the news article above.

  7. Caro says:

    I am riding!!!!! No way will wait till next year!

  8. Jolly says:

    It’s hard to move such a big event with thousands of people taking place in multiple locations across Bermuda. I don’t remember their ever being weather like this for an end to end. Bad luck but I’m sure people understand, as it’s all for charity. Let’s hope this rain moves through tonight so everyone can have a good time tomorrow.

  9. No laughing matter says:

    A big cheer to the organizers, participants, volunteers and sponsors for their hard work every year on this great charity event. Nevertheless this weekend’s end-to-end should have been rescheduled. The majority of charity events in Bermuda have rain dates. Also, going forward please make sure the end-to-end and Mother’s day weekend don’t coincide.

  10. moonbeam says:


  11. Seascape says:

    Any event should have a rain date. Don’t know why they didn’t plan one. The event should have been postponed/cancelled. Even if you have extra socks, they are going to get wet as your sneakers are wet. Same thing happened with the Bermuda sloop with the kids on board. Poor judgment.