BCB: Kevon Fubler Banned For Seven Years

June 8, 2016

After being found guilty of breaches of conduct including threat of assault, obscene language and intimidation of an Umpire or Match Referee, Kevon Fubler has been banned from all cricket for seven years and is eligible to return in 2023, the Bermuda Cricket Board [BCB] said.

BCB Bermuda Cricket Board TC June 8 2016

The BCB said, “On Thursday June 2nd the BCB Disciplinary Committee found Mr. Kevon Fubler guilty of the following breaches of the BCB Code of Conduct:

  • Article 2.4.4 Conduct that is contrary to the spirit of the game – Level 4
  • Article 2.4.1 Threat of assault on an Umpire or match referee – Level 4
  • Article 2.3.1 Intimidation of an Umpire or Match Referee – Level 3
  • Article 2.2.8 Using language that is seriously obscene – Level 2
  • Article 2.2.7 Throwing a ball at or near an Umpire – Level 2
  • Article 2.2.1 Showing serious dissent at an Umpire’s decision – Level 2

“Mr. Fubler has been banned from all cricket for seven years and is eligible to return on June 3rd, 2023.”

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Comments (27)

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  1. Real Deal says:

    This is a bit silly you think he was caught doping in the Olympics. wow with this type of ban they would put him to death if they could.
    you get less time for murder or rape

    • PBanks says:

      After the Cleveland County incident last year, I’m not surprised the BCB is taking threats to officials or players, verbal or physical, more seriously.

      Maybe Mr. Fubler can appeal the sentence, if he deems it to be extreme.

  2. Sage says:

    Bermuda sports at it’s best. Hope the guy is banned from even attending a game.

    • I heart 441 says:

      How is this Bermuda’s sports at its best though?

  3. wahoo says:

    He should be held up as the anti-hero.

  4. Chip Bag says:

    BCB at its best true to a dicipline but 7 years I wonder if the committe are aware of what happens internationally aaggghhhhh NO they are a joke. The CEO has been there how long and The game is gone where he should get years for sure.

  5. hulk_too says:

    it starts at home folks — it starts at home, but then again , we have not my kid parents – incredible ! you think
    coaches are no better – a background check reveals he has had these problems for years, but we choose to lable them stars and put them into the team anyway. as i continue to laugh, we see this same stuff year in year out.

  6. Well that leaves an opening for one of de youngsters for 7 years.

  7. Truth is killin' me... says:

    Respect yah refs…end of!

  8. Seriously says:

    You get less time for involuntary manslaughter!!! Yes what he did was distasteful and darn right rude and disrespectful but come on 7 years???!!! He will be 31.

    • Hows Zat says:

      They may want to give him a ban long enough to prevent him from ever returning to play. Even if it is appealed and cut in half a ban of 3.5 years will probably be enough to send a message to others that may have the same attitude, give others more deserving an opportunity and be enough for him to lose interest in the game and never wish to return. Problem solved.

  9. Maybe a bit excessive says:

    Please let me state that I do not condone this behavior, nor do I know the young man personally. However, this punishment seems excessive for a moment of frustration and if you actually read what the young man said, I am not sure that it was really threatening an umpire. Athletes are humans and they do get frustrated, we might have missed some great tennis if the BCB were to have disciplined John McEnroe or Serena Williams. I am not blaming the umpires for his outburst, but we must improve the skill level of such in many sports in Bermuda; not just in cricket, but in football….. and such is incredibly frustrating for the athletes. At the end of the day, who does this punishment really serve? Yes, I know that it will send a message to all the other players and it will give umpires and refs with often inadequate knowledge even more power. But now this community will have a young man with a major void in his life, who will be bitter and resentful towards umpires and those in authority, who will still be able to attend games as a spectator and one with too much time on his hands. Why not a year ban, with either community service or better still require him to take a umpires course or speak to youth teams about why he shouldn’t have lost his temper? I think this option would serve him and the community better than a 7 year ban. Wow, the BCB seems to have more power than the courts.

    • HOWZAT says:

      This is not the first incident with this cricketer, you should find out his history with the cricket board and I think that you will understand and feel a bit embarrassed for your comment. Its obvious you don’t know him!How many “moments of frustration” passes do you want the board to give him?

      • Awake says:

        Some people talk just to hear themselves and then the people who like their comments are just as misinformed! This guy has a SERIOUS attitude problem – that didn’t just start overnight – and deserved exactly what he asked for! Within the next seven years, perhaps he should attend anger management classes!

    • Hows Zat says:

      With people playing a “game” that have no self control would you want to sign up as a referee knowing people could say and do as they wish and walk away? THey are refs and are hired to ref a game not to babysit people that can’t or WON’T control their emotions. He isn’t a child going thru their terrible two’s, he is a young man. You think these refs are making big $$$$. Without them, you have no game.

    • Real Deal says:

      I really like this suggestion ” take a umpires course ”
      Its hot out there and both umpires and players make mistakes under pressure. making him into an umpires will allow him to see the shoe on the other foot.

      Very good suggestion.

  10. Bermuda cricket says:

    Bermuda sports is trash. Good cricketer too!! These umpires do mess up a game he was deffiently robbed by umpire.

    • HOWZAT says:

      He wasn’t robbed by the umpire…I was standing directly behind the umpire…I bet you were seated somewhere on the side making your own decision based on his reaction BUT NO DOUBT HE WAS OUT!!! Believe me the umpiring for years has been questionable, I know this from experience but HE WAS OUT!!

      • Real Deal says:

        Maybe its time to bring our cricket into 2016 we should have pitch cams like 2020. if he was out and he see it with his own eyes afterwards I don’t think he will repeat the out burst it will give him more faith in the umpires . if a umpire makes bad calls people lose faith and want to contest the calls pitch cam will bring back that faith for good umpires .

    • Hows Zat says:

      So what if he is a good cricketer! Maybe if he had a better head on his shoulder and better attitude he could have become a GREAT cricketer! If it was his first offence I might be a bit more sympathetic – but its not.

      • Facts says:

        J. Tucker has a history too but I’ve never seen him get a 7 year ban. Smh

  11. watchfuleyes says:

    Why not just ban him for life?

  12. HOWZAT says:

    Were any of you present? I don’t think so! I am a former player and have seen it all but this incident was UNBELIEVABLE!! After being given out he then turned around and almost slapped the stumps and bails into the ocean. He then proceeded to walk down the pitch with bat in hand gesturing to the umpire. After walking off the field he then picked up a ball, throwing it, just missing the umpire and hitting the stumps. In 30 yrs of cricket I have never seen anything like that apart from the “Rumble at Lords”

    • Hows Zat says:

      If you have not seen anything like it in 30 years , well he should get 30+ years to make sure we never do again.

  13. HOWZAT says:

    Btw I don’t think he deserves 7 years, maybe 2 but the board has to set a standard. The fact is cricket has a shortage of umpires, mostly for reasons such as this and if they allow this to continue our low standards will continue to decline!

  14. mmm says:

    From what I read in the blogs, this young man deserved to be banned, the le nght of the ban was based not only on the offences on that day which includ ed acts of violence, but past behaviour. Perhaps the sentence might have been a bit shorter if he and the BCB could have worked in a few courses to turn around his anger. He must have some love for the game, to put in thirt y or more hours of training per month. No doubt every sports person must have his or her bad days. I just want to have a good game, that I would enj oy, I hope to win, anticipate winning, but also expect the possibility of l osing. The better performing team wins. In sports I ask how can I improve my game and my mind-set. I hope Mr. Fubler has a bit of time to collect his thoughts, in a serious and mature way, without vengeance appeal for a reduction in his sentence. As long as our youth are engaged in something positive they do something for themsel ves, family and the community.

  15. bluwater says:

    Well, I guess now he can pursue his dream of giving back to his sport and fans.