Dozens Of Ideas Submitted For Cross Island

June 22, 2016

Ideas ranging from a ‘city’ of shipping container businesses to housing for seniors and a space for a sporting and cultural centre are among dozens which have been submitted as future uses for Cross Island.

“We’ve had some brilliant ideas,” said Wayne Caines, chairman of the Cross Island Legacy Committee, set up to make recommendations for the use of the nine acres of reclaimed land after it has hosted the America’s Cup village next year.

“However, we want even more. We want 60,000 ideas so that we know we have had the total involvement of the community in the process of trying to decide the best use of the land once the America’s Cup is over,” added Mr Caines.

One person suggested creating the ‘city’ of shipping container businesses, “shops, cafes, and residential units, with community space around them for public enjoyment, and for events”.

“Put a multipurpose open event facility adjacent to the container city. The city could be part units that are fixed there and available for rent, and partly open plots that locals can rent and put their own shipping container units on.

“It should accommodate both single and multi-container units, like the pink Endeavour units currently in Dockyard.” The suggestion read.

It added: “This would be flexible so that in future years, major events could be put on the site, and the containers moved off temporarily.

“It would be flexible and give a new opportunity to entrepreneurs and residents. It would also fit with the maritime theme of Dockyard, and create more critical mass as a destination.”

Another suggestion was a three-star hotel, youth hostel, sailing school and water sports centre, restaurant and apartments to encourage people of all ages, abilities and income brackets to come to Bermuda to take part in sail training courses on the same course as the America’s Cup.

The submission said that the multi-purpose use would encourage more people into Dockyard at night and would provide significant economic and financial benefits to Bermuda.

Mr Caines added, “We’ve got submission forms at post offices, people can use this link to a submission form, they can get information from our Facebook page or if none of those are any good they can email

“We are trying to make it as easy as possible for people to give us their ideas.” The deadline for submissions is July 31.

The West End Development Corporation recently brought in Deloitte to support the Cross Island Legacy Committee’s consultation and decision-making over the future of Cross Island.

Each submission will be judged according to a set matrix and a final recommendation will be made to WEDCo. The committee wants to be in a position to make a recommendation even though there might be the possibility that Bermuda could again host the America’s Cup.

The matrix is made up of weightings given to financial, economic, environmental, social and cultural and structural objectives.


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Comments (8)

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  1. joe says:

    “a space for a sporting and cultural centre”

    Sandys 361?

  2. One thing says:

    The only thing I don’t like about the submission request is that your ideas belong to them once you’ve submitted; the only reason I’m not submitting.

    • Clare says:

      I can understand why that could be a concern for you. I think from their point of view, they need to own the idea if they’re going to eventually put out an RFP for a developer to build it. If you still owned it, their hands would be tied.

      I think if your idea is your business, and you want to do it yourself, then maybe this isn’t the right place for you to suggest it. Perhaps it’s better for you to try to buy land and do it yourself?

    • archy says:

      that’s just silliness One thing

      • inventor says:

        I agree with one thing. Ideas can be worth millions. Just ask inventor of velcro, or the people who opened up shops in dockyard prior to the cruise ships being there.

  3. sage says:

    At $4,333,333/acre so far, something to make some big bucks is a must, maybe a tax haven for billionaires, or a landing pad for Elon Musks’ next Space X landing?

  4. voltage says:

    What are the terms of reference for our Cross Island committee?

    Why are there no committee members from BOIS, Greenrock, BEST, National Trust, BUEI or other leading environmental groups?

    This has all the makings of more false options by WEDCo- a public relations ploy with highly paid communications staff and a lack of any independent committee members.

    If this new nine acres is for the benefit of our community do this with our community – stop doing it for us or to us.

  5. Legalgal says:

    Surely you do this type of “legacy/sustainability” consolation BEFORE spending on the project?