Doctors Association Support Dr Mahesh Reddy

June 27, 2016

Following the arrest of Dr Mahesh Reddy, the Bermuda Medical Doctors Association said that many of them have known Dr. Reddy for years and “find it difficult to believe the allegations” adding that they “must put our support behind Dr. Reddy being treated fairly by all those involved.”

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Arrest Of Dr Mahesh Reddy

Earlier this month former Premier and founder of Bermuda Healthcare Services Dr Ewart Brown held a press conference to address what he said was the “unjust and unwarranted arrest of Dr Mahesh Reddy.”

Dr Brown said that Dr Reddy [pictured above] “had his home raided at dawn in a heavy handed manner by no less than eight police officers,” based on “a suspicion that he had been overusing MRI and CT scanners,” with Dr Brown saying he wants to “make it absolutely clear that these suspicions are completely unfounded.”

Dr Brown said, “Every scan carried out by Bermuda Healthcare Services has followed all the procedures set out by recognised professional bodies.

“Every scan referral is reviewed by an independent panel of radiologists in the US. No patients, and no insurance companies which paid for the scan have ever made one single complaint concerning these very necessary diagnostic procedures.”

Video of Dr Brown’s statement:

Bermuda Medical Doctors Association’s Statement

Dr. Henry Dowling, President of the Bermuda Medical Doctors Association, said, “In light of the recent arrest and release of Dr Mahesh Reddy, the Bermuda Medical Doctor’s Association, in its capacity as the representative body for physicians registered in Bermuda, has been asked to comment on Dr. Reddy’s current situation.

“Since we do not serve as a legal representative body, we are not able to comment on the ongoing police investigation. However, many of us have known Dr. Reddy for years, both in professional and private circumstances, and find it difficult to believe the allegations.

“Everyone is entitled to due process and should be given the opportunity to clear their names, free of speculation and hearsay. In that aspect, we must put our support behind Dr. Reddy being treated fairly by all those involved.

“Our group serves to support the community and our membership in receiving and providing the best medical care that is possible in our island. We strive to hold our members to high standards, and high levels of accountability for the care that they provide.

“With that consideration in mind, we have reached out to Dr Reddy to offer encouragement and support while we await the outcome of what can only be described as difficult and trying times.”

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  1. Zaob Yob says:

    What makes anybody imagine that Dr. Reddy has not been fairly treated?

    Tangible suspicion of criminal activity exists, a warrant has been executed and an arrest has been made. These is a basic investigative process; it does not matter what your profession is, and it does not matter who you are associated too. If no evidence is found to substantiate the suspicion, no charges will be laid; if evidence is found, charges may be considered. It happens every day in Bermuda; where are the protests in those cases, or does it simply not matter when the common folk are suspected of crime?

    • Divine says:

      What happened to innocent until proven guilty. Not because a warrant was issued means the person is automatically guilty. I’ve served as juror and trust me I’ve voted the person charged, innocent lots or time and wonder how in the world the police get to arrest a person who is clearly innocent.

      I hope you feel this way if you get arrested for something you didn’t do.

      • Rockfish#1 and#2 says:

        How do you know he “is clearly innocent”?

      • Zaob Yob says:

        Divine – Please understand that at present, Dr Reddy remains innocent. No-one has suggested otherwise and your comment that the execution of a warrant infers the guilt of a suspect is nonsense.

        If the investigation (of which the warrant was a part) discloses evidence of criminality, Dr. Reddy may be charged. Then, if a Magistrate or a Jury of his peers are swayed by that evidence he may be found guilty; so it is hardly fair to say he “automatically guilty”.

        Your account above demonstrates the judicial value of a Jury trial where evidence and process can be questioned. So to answer your question; if I were wrongly arrested and placed before the court, I would hope for the Jury system to work for me in the manner you demonstrated by your actions.

        • Meta says:

          The process is exactly what people feel uncomfortable with Zaob Yob. They largely get what your saying. Under the present system a Medical Doctor, Lawyer, Police Officer or any law abiding citizen can be arrested handcuffed processed and publicaly humiliated even if they are completely innocent merely based on suspicion. “Tangible suspicion” is part of the way but it would appear that tangible evidence would be far better to have before dragging a person into the system. Also your statement that “it does not matter who you are associated too” is obviously an untrue one.

          • Jus' Wonderin' says:

            EVERYONE get’s arrested, handcuffed, process and “publicy humiliated” so don’t get it twisted….happens to EVERYONE! And Dr. Reddy is innocent before one is suggesting otherwise :)

    • swing voter says:

      no warrant? no charges? send that special investigator back where he came from, useless waste of money and time.

    • Terry says:

      It happens when it hits close to home.

      Follow the money.

    • flikel says:

      “a warrant has been executed”

      Actually a warrant was not issued…which is part of the problem. No judge signed off on a warrant for his arrest.

      • Terry says:

        You don’t run to a Magistrate and ask for an arrest warrant.

        It is already afforded you under many acts.

        Suspicion. And you better have some.

    • Doctors in Bermuda’s History who were associated with certain organizations or people were always BLACK listed, Dr. E.F. Gordon, Dr. Barbara Ball, Dr. Brown, etc,etc .
      The more things change the more they remain the same !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Jason says:

      No a warrant wasn’t excuted…. There wasn’t a warrant to begin with! Listen to the video and get your facts straight before opening your mouth.

  2. hadenough says:

    Thank you for that. Clearly Dr. Brown wants to make it a poitical issues once again. If that is his private business and the statement is coming directly from him, and he is no longer a political figure please tell me why his PLP cohorts were there and he’s trying to make it a PLP thing.

    • Its me again says:

      His friends cant show support for his business which he and the doctors association feel has been wrongfully targeted.

  3. bluwater says:

    Dr. Reddy is innocent till proven guilty.

    Seems that d r e b has a need to make a smokescreen for something no one is talking about.

  4. reddamtibi says:

    ” based on “a suspicion that he had been overusing MRI and CT scanners,”

    can say this from my personal experience – Dr. Reddy has always been a doctor who would suggest lifestyle and diet changes before prescribing or ordering tests that may not have been needed. Only when evidence, via stringent testing, pointed towards a more complex problem was the need for an MRI warranted – in my case.

    Heaven forbid this man use the most modern of technologies to try and ensure his patients well being – much to the chagrin of the insurance companies I am sure – If one was seeking the genesis of these baseless allegations the heads of the local insurance companies is where I’d start to look – this island is very small and the circles of big business very tight.

  5. serengeti says:

    Looks like people with ‘connections’ think they’re above being investigated.

    For most of us, do something wrong and you’re in trouble.

    For the privileged, you go to the newspapers and claims there is a ‘witch hunt’.

  6. smh says:

    Seems to depend on what colour the persion being investigated is. Oh, di outrage

  7. aceboy says:

    Who are these Association members and when did they become members?

  8. Just asking... says:

    Zaob Yob… I hear you and see your point, but I’m wondering who made the initial allegation and what was it based on? The police the last time I checked have no medical knowledge… if it’s another doctor(s) it turns into medical opinions and I wouldn’t see the police being called in yet until some sort of panel/governing body looked at the evidence and then wouldn’t there be some sort of disbarment/loss of license first before any criminal charges? Which leaves the insurance companies. In days past they’ve simply refused to pay. So yes, there are some curiosities to this case. Has protocol been followed? If so, why hasn’t this doctor lost his liscence to practice and why/how has he gotten away with it for so long, regardless of his affiliations? If not, folks have to be honestly consider the counter allegations made by the previous Premier and what those allegations really mean.

  9. Ancestor of Peruvian slave brought to Bermuda says:

    1st off there was no warrant issued or provided at time of search( which makes it an illegal search) 2ndly if you were accused I would hope your friends stand behind you in support regardless of political party they support..3rdly if you have been investigating someone for years..found no evidence..but continue to the point you bring in an outside investigator..which the tax payers are paying for..Then start investigating friends and business partners…and can’t even verify accusations..I would hope rational ppl would consider it may be a witch hunt..I’m just saying @Zaob Yob @hadenough @serengeti

  10. Rhonnda Oliver says:

    If Dr Reddy and/or Dr Brown have done nothing wrong, then they’ve nothing to fear.
    People already have their opinions of them, and not even hard evidence or lack thereof is likely to change those opinions.
    There is no ‘witch hunt’, there is only an investigation in response to accusations. Let it run it’s course, it’s not causing either man any more than the slightest distraction to their lives… unless they take it to the public forum and make a big deal out of it.
    The special investigator (or whatever he/she is called) doesn’t have a particular slant to this. They’re not going to care about any petty little bickering down here. And for someone like Dr Brown, or someone he supports, to end up in jail, if they were railroaded, would mean way too many people at different levels would be manipulated without speaking up. And I just don’t see that happening within the court system.

    Really, all the public fuss caused makes me wonder if someone is getting too close to something.

    But… in the end, either something is going to happen or not. Let’s just wait it all out.

    • Shona says:

      Rhonnda I am sure you would not be happy if you were being arrested for “accusations.” Also an arrest or deprivation of liberty is to the contrary way more than a “slight distraction” to someone’s life.

  11. Terry says:

    And the irony is there is not a freekin Bermudian that holds this post.

    Are you Reddy?

    I give up.

  12. wahoo says:

    Perhaps it is all an elaborate orchestration so that some may claim to have “political enemies” you know, to gain sympathy. Like for instance mail yourself a bullet or perhaps plant some bogus checks have a quick press conference and boom you are a victim.

  13. Rodney says:

    What makes me laugh is all you people have so much to say and are so righteous that you can’t even use your name not even your first name.If you believe in what you are saying put up or shut up.My name is RODNEY. NOW WHAT.NAMES PLEASE

  14. Common Sense says:

    This headline reads “Medical Doctor’s Association supports Dr. Mahesh Reddy.”

    But Dr. Dowling makes it clear the Association is not able to comment on the ongoing police investigation and says that everyone is entitled to due process and should be given the opportunity to clear their names, free of speculation and hearsay. He also states that “We must put our support behind Dr. Reddy being treated fairly by all those involved.”

    Dr. Dowling says his Association strives to hold its members to high standards, and high levels of accountability for the care they provide.

    It must therefore follow that if a complaint or complaints have been made against Dr. Reddy, or any other member of the medical profession, then surely the Police are bound to properly investigate them and Dr. Dowling would surely agree that they should carry out a complete and thorough investigation.

    Once the evidence has been collected it will no doubt be submitted to the Director of Public Prosecutions who, last time I checked, is a senior member of the PLP and a former Cabinet Minister in the last PLP Government. Is anyone suggesting that Mr. Larry Mussenden will be anything but fair when he reviews whatever evidence comes to light – or doesn’t come to light?

  15. Jus' Wonderin' says:

    Funny thing is how come no one is complaining about him being a FOREIGNER?! Find a Bermudian to do his job….there are plenty out there!!!