Robert Wilson Wins GSP’s “Father Of The Year”

June 21, 2016

Gina Spence Productions’ recent “We Love You Dad” celebration is being hailed as a “great success,” with local father Robert Wilson being named as the “Father of the Year” after his step-son Zerricko wrote a heartfelt letter thanking him for “choosing him as his son”.

A spokesperson said, “Gina Spence Productions’ recent ‘We Love You Dad’ celebrating fathers was a great success. The ‘Father of Year,’ Robert Wilson, said he was really ‘surprised touched and totally speechless’ to have been chosen for the honour.”

GSP “Father of the Year” winner Robert Wilson and Gina Spence:

Robert Wilson and Dr Gina Spence Bermuda June 21 2016

“His step-son Zerricko wrote a heartfelt letter thanking him for choosing him as his son; for years, Zerriko longed to be able to have a father/son relationship and finally found it in his step-dad Robert.

“He thanked Robert for teaching him how to wash clothes and dishes, fish, and how to be a man. He taught him that popularity fades and self-doubt replaces it, and that he should never let the belief in himself or what he has chosen waiver.”

Guest speaker Clyde Best and other awardees and participants:

Guest speaker Clyde Best and awardees and participants Bermuda June 21 2016

“The top six finalists in the ‘Father of the Year’ online essay competition included Joshua Butler, Rollin Nathan, Anthony Anderson, Reece Furbert, Galvin Butterfield, Robert Wilson.

“Community Service Awards were given to Bermuda Sea Cadet Corp, First Bermuda Boys Brigade Corp, Scout Association of Bermuda and Controversial Boxing & Fitness Gym.”

Anthony Anderson, Reece Furbert, Joshua Butler, Rollin Nathan, Galvin Butterfield & Robert Wilson:

Six finalist GSP Father of the year GSP Bermuda June 21 2016

Organizer Gina Spence said, “We are honored and proud to salute and celebrate the hardworking dedicated fathers and community leaders that are preparing our young men to take their rightful place in our community. Anyone can be a daddy, but it takes a real man to be a father.

“All six of our finalists have shown their children through their nurturing love and sacrifice that Fathers are making a difference in the lives of their children.

“Thanking our sponsors and everyone who supported our ‘We Love You Dad’ celebration of fathers.

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  1. OBSERVER says:

    With there being TOO MUCH horror over THIS holiday period for BERMUDIANS, it is pleasing to observe these gentlemen receive certificates for having been nominees in this year’s FATHERS’ DAY competition award.
    Men, you have made us Bermudians,PROUD!!
    Persevere on in being OUTSTANDING FATHERS in the BERMUDIAN community!!!
    God richly bless all of you.

  2. Muhammad Goldberg says:

    Bermudian culture is in a sad state of affairs.

    • San George says:

      Culture will follow economics. If this government and these people are happy to live in a culture where men are content to gun each other down to resolve disputes, then so be it. Is that the type of country you want to live in? This is how economically suppressed and depressed people behave.
      Thanks for what you are doing Gina and Co.!

      • Andrew says:

        Do u just go on all stories and post the exact same crap? SMH

  3. Gcode4lyfe says:

    Respect Robert !!