Tyler Butterfield Gears Up For Tokio Triathlon

June 3, 2016

Ironman Tyler Butterfield is getting ready to pit himself against the Island’s top triathletes competing in the Tokio Millennium Re 2016 Sprint Triathlon and Duathlon.

The event takes place on Sunday, June 12 at 8am at Albuoy’s Point in Hamilton, and has various race categories in an effort to attract as many people as possible of all ages and abilities.

Butterfield, who competes in Ironman events around the world, said: “Tokio Millennium Re has very graciously supported me for many years and I am extremely grateful for their sponsorship. I really enjoy taking part in this event and it’s not often that I am able to compete on home soil.

Slideshow of last year’s Tokio Millennium Re Triathlon


“I really like the way that Tokio makes this event available to so many age groups, schools and individuals. It gives a lot of people a great opportunity to take part. It is also great for the spectators with the event taking place along Front Street and in Hamilton Harbour.”

Kathleen Faries, Head of Bermuda at Tokio Millennium Re, said: “This will be our 10th year running the Tokio Triathlon and during these 10 years, we have seen the sport grow in popularity, the event grow in size and we have enjoyed making it better each year.

“We take our community involvement very seriously at Tokio Millennium Re and we are delighted that the triathlon has become an established and popular event on the Bermuda Triathlon Association’s calendar.”

The Senior Individual and the Senior Team category is a 750m swim, a 20km bike ride and a 5km run.

The Try-a-Tri, designed for those new to the sport, is a 200m swim, 10km bike ride and a 2km run.

In the Duathlon category, children aged seven to 10 will compete in a 1km run, 4km bike ride and another 1km run. Juniors aged 11 to 15 will compete over a longer distance, with a 2km run, 8km bike ride then a 2km run.

For the Middle and Senior School challenge, teams can compete in the Duathlon [consisting of two members - 2k run, 8km bike and 2k run] and the Try-a-Tri course [consisting of three members –200m swim, 10km bike and 2km run].

Overall times for the top two teams from each school will determine the winners of the cash prizes for the Triathlon and Duathlon, which will be donated to the respective school sports programmes.

Mrs. Faries added: “I would encourage as many people as possible to come out and, if nothing else, at least try the Try-a-Tri. You never know, you may get hooked.”


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