Live Video: Newport To Bermuda Race Start

June 17, 2016

The 635-mile Newport Bermuda sailing race gets underway today [June 17], with this year’s event expected to be the third largest in the race’s history, with approximately 190 boats. The race attracts sailors from across the globe, with a total of 23 countries represented among the sailors and 41 American States represented in this fleet.

Depending on the weather and the currents in the Gulf Stream, the first boat is expected to arrive at the finish line off St. David’s Lighthouse on Sunday or Monday, and the smaller boats arrive between then and Wednesday or Thursday.

Live stream showing the start in Newport:

click here Bermuda Newport Bermuda Race

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  1. Commodore JB of BBIRYC says:

    This is fantastic! Brings back fond memories of the 29 times I have raced in this prestigious event and I have won it 17 times. It was most frightful when my craft struck a partially submerged shipping container that had fallen off a Thai registered container ship… I wish strong winds to all the competitors and a safe voyage!

  2. Loved this event whn I lived there…..cheering them in was amazing!

  3. FROGS LEGS says:

    Self praise is no recommendation.

    It real tough out there in a floating coffin.

    Why no mention of the Marion Bermuda Race ?

    Did you win, did you ,did you, how nice.

    Taking up sand castles next.

    17 times with out diesel what a fantastic achievement ?

    On galley duty ? did you serve Dinty Moore ?