Part Of Beach Closed: Portuguese Man Of War

July 18, 2016

[Updated] The Ministry of the Environment confirmed that the western half of Horseshoe Bay beach was closed at 12:47pm today [July 18] due to a “significant number of Portuguese Man of War [PMOW] jellyfish in that area of the water.”

“Lifeguards have hoisted a purple flag indicating the presence of a marine life hazard, advised beach patrons through informal contact and placed PMOW signs strategically along the beach,” a spokesperson said.

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Portuguese Man-of-War bermuda

“Some swimmers sustained minor injuries that were treated on site. None required transportation to the hospital for further treatment. Lifeguards are monitoring the eastern half of the beach and will close it if it becomes unsafe for swimmers.”

Update July 19, 2.22pm:
The Ministry of the Environment, Department of Parks said they wish to “advise the public that Horseshoe Bay beach was closed at 12:53 pm today. Current onshore wind conditions have caused an increased presence of Portuguese Man-of-War (PMOW) jellyfish.

Lifeguards have hoisted a purple flag at the tower indicating the presence of a marine life hazard. PMOW signs have been placed along the beach and lifeguards are advising beach patrons through informal contact.

“We wish to advise the swimming public to take extreme care while in or near the ocean over the next few days. PMOW can be identified by their bluish, gas filled float on top of the water, but their long tentacles are often not seen under the surface. PMOW can cause extremely painful strings. Members of the public are advised to stay away from them and to avoid touching them, even if they are on land, as the tentacles can still be very venomous.”

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  1. Terry says:

    Can’t win the British Open.
    Loose the World Cup.
    Brazil is second choice.

    The nerve.
    And then show up on our shores once again in numbers.

    So much for the Meenhister uv Himmygraisheon.

  2. Broken Glass says:

    illegal immigrants are turning up all over the world!

    • Bread lady says:

      Portuguese man of war has been renamed Bermudian man of war. What you think?

      • mj says:

        no! they are Portuguese because they are man of war!!!don’t try to put it on Bermudians, NEVER EVER!

  3. Peter says:

    That comment is as much use as a fart in a space suit

    • N says:

      Meant to like this comment but pressed dislike instead and now it won’t let me in-dislike it for some reason. And yes, that was one stupid nonsensical comment….

    • Jus' Wonderin' says:

      Well if you keep it in up there….you’ll blow up ;)

  4. Hope says:

    Unusual for this time of year? And relatively calm waters…

  5. Point boy says:

    Forca Portugal! Lmao

  6. Real Deal says:

    Well these are the only thing in Bermudian waters that can harm you. Bermuda still the safest place in the world because these thinks cant even kill you easily.

    • micro says:


    • Pepe says:

      Don’t tell that to the sharks,loinfish and barracudas they might think they have to up their game…

  7. Rick says:

    It wasn’t that bad but it was an issue . I was surprised as the waters were calm which is a bad sign hopefully Mother Nature works fast .we dealt with several minor stings which is scary for our visitors .

  8. Unus sed leo says:

    I once did the good samiritan thing and picked them off the beach and disposed of them as …I am sure…a few good men would…however…I would advise you to wash your hands afterward…I was a Rips bar…and had to go tinkle…oh boy…