ACEA’s Shane Mora Offers Insight Into Position

July 12, 2016

Shane Mora, Branding Manager for the America’s Cup Event Authority [ACEA], recently discussed the opportunities the position has afforded him, saying “as a Bermudian, it gives me a great sense of pride to know that I will play a role in showcasing Bermuda to the world.”

What is your responsibility for the ACEA and its events?

I develop concepts and plans for the look and feel of our race venues, both on land and water. It’s really about identifying opportunities with our Chief Marketing Officer to make our event villages visible from a broadcasting perspective and then working with our creative team and branding contractors to see it all through to execution.

The visual spectator experience is important and our team strives to make America’s Cup events feel on par with top international sporting events. Sponsorship ROI is a central theme and our CEO, Russell Coutts, and CMO, Antonio Bertone, are big idea guys. I’m learning a lot from being on their team.

Shane Mora, Branding ACEA

What does a normal day look like for you working at ACEA?

I usually start by scanning my inbox for time sensitive emails from other time zones. I’m currently working with French and British event teams that are 4 hours ahead of Bermuda time and increasingly communicating with the Japanese event team that is 12 hours ahead.

We’ve completed six international events in less than a year and have several more in the pipeline – quick sharing of knowledge and information saves precious time.

I work closely with the talented ACEA creative team on a daily basis. One of our graphic designers, Christina White, and our design director, Lyn Winford, [both Bermudian] are based in Bermuda, which helps to streamline our efforts, while Jacob Mead, our second graphic designer, and Antonio are both based in Boston.

It takes the entire team to take our brand activations from concept to execution and it helps greatly that our design team is top notch. Activation concepts and ideas are always on the table at ACEA.

Media Day -1 of Louis Vuitton America's Cup World Series New York

What sort of opportunities have you had through this position?

I’ve had the opportunity to meet and work with global branding agencies that work with high-profile events such as the Rugby World Cup, the Olympics, FIFA World Cup, PGA, MotoGP and Formula E. I’ve learned a lot just by working with these branding agencies.

Another great opportunity is working with high value brands such as BMW, Louis Vuitton and Oracle. Seeing how they professionally manage their sponsorship investments and brand experiences, and helping to implement components of their branding plans in our village is great opportunity.

Racing Day 1 of Louis Vuitton America's Cup World Series Chicago

By far the biggest opportunity is working with talented people. The ACEA team is forward thinking, positive and extremely hard working. We’ve come from varying disciplines and backgrounds and are all empowered to deliver results. We support each other in reaching ACEA’s mission.

How does it feel working for a global organization?

It’s a huge honour. I’m thrilled the ACEA chose to make Bermuda the home of the 35th America’s Cup. Many jobs these days have global tentacles. However, this organization and opportunity are unique to have in Bermuda.

Racing Day 1 of Louis Vuitton America's Cup World Series Chicago

What is the best part of your job?

As if super comfortable sporting uniforms and an inspiring work environment isn’t enough… the ACEA is making big steps to make the America’s Cup accessible to larger audiences, spectator friendly and to deliver exceptional ROI to our Partners. Branding also plays a role in these areas and I believe this team will be remembered for positively transforming the America’s Cup.

A great perk of working with the ACEA is being able to see the world – so far I have travelled with our team to Sweden, Oman, Chicago, New York, France, England and Japan. I’m part of a core team that gets to travel to each event venue months in advance in order to scope for opportunities and to meet local planning counterparts.

It’s a real adventure, especially with foreign languages and cultural differences. The challenges make the successful outcome that much more rewarding for all of us.

Racing Day 2 of Louis Vuitton America's Cup World Series New York

For the 35th America’s Cup in June of 2017 I will be helping to design and create the visual experience for spectators at the village in Dockyard, throughout the Island and around the globe. As a Bermudian, it gives me a great sense of pride to know that I will play a role in showcasing Bermuda to the world.

- Branding images courtesy of Ricardo Pinto and Rob Tringal

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  1. Um.... says:

    Shane is most-deserving of this role. Anyone who knows him personally and professionally know how talented his is. He no doubt will help to put Bermuda in the best light possible on the world stage.

  2. Somers says:

    As one global brand and marketing expert to ‘another’ .. Placing a brazen, large AC “banner” on our historic Gibbs Hill Lighthouse was a highly unusual decision, and in my opinion, tacky and not in keeping with the Bermuda esthetic. I fully understand and appreciate the need for some branding and marketing, but you just can’t put lipstick on a pig and say it looks good. We have to keep Bermuda’s reputation as a classy (non-neon sign, no tacky posters/ billboards et al) jurisdiction. Hoping that this is not a new trend and that we won’t see more of these unattractive advertising ‘sites’ all over the island, as imo, it is a miscalculated strategy at best.

    • mav says:

      So is it a prized historic landmark or as you call it a ‘pig’? Make up your mind please…

    • Keepin' it Real!...4Real! says:

      Sounds like,from one globalist to another that you’re jizzed because you weren’t the one who got dat hustle…its not there permanently…who is it gonna offend?? Americans??…One of the most highly acclaimed International Sporting events being held here in Bermuda, MAKES!…HISTORY!…yup were adding to the history books.
      And there will be pics of our Lighthouse emblazoned with its colorful decor for future generations to feast on.

      But I’m with you on the NO NEON signage…We’d look like Hong Kong at night.

    • Free Thinker says:

      Take your backward thinking self and go live under the rock you deserve to be living and leave the future to young, bright and progressive thinking people. People like you are why we are in the crap hole we are in. You all squandered the the future of our youths because you all don’t want to embrace change and progress.