Videos: MPs On Pensions, Adoption, CCTV, More

July 7, 2016

Immigration laws surrounding adoption, crime, CCTV and pensions were some of the topics discussed by both Government and Opposition MPs during the most recent session of the House of Assembly.

The videos below include comments from Minister Patricia Gordon Pamplin on Adoption/Immigration, Walter Roban on crime incidents and CCTV, David Burt on pensions and  Jamahl Simmons on Michael Fahy.

Minister Patricia Gordon Pamplin on Adoption/Immigration

Walter Roban on Crime Incidents

Walter Roban on CCTV

David Burt on Pensions

Jamahl Simmons on Michael Fahy

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Comments (5)

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  1. sage says:

    MP’s pensions detailed?

  2. Navin Johnson says:

    Never understood why MP pensions are so overly generous compared to te rest of us

    • Rich says:

      Because MPs actually pay 12.5% of their salaries as contributions. Public servants have a similar set up and only pay 8%.

      • Navin Johnson says:

        And what is the MP payout in relation to Public Servants? And are the MPs not public servants too?

  3. steve says:

    Jahmal Simmons spends a couple of minutes criticizing fahey for anything he can think of such as “he has a full time job, how can he be committed to his post,doesnt care about bermudians,unruely,… ” Yea critisize the class nerd that for being a hard working smarty pants cause he aint one of the cool guys(at least to you). Funny thing Simmons is I have been waiting for you get a job and prove you can be successful at something other than BSing. Its a good skill though and will help you explain your own failures if you get the ministry in a few years.