Implementation Of King Street One-Way System

August 15, 2016

The City said the one-way system on King Street is now in effect, and barricades are in place and the road markings are complete, however this morning several motorists ignored the barricades and turned down King Street, and the City is “reminding drivers that they can be stopped by police and fined for such violations.”

City Hamilton Corporation CoH TC August 15 2016

“The City of Hamilton has begun implementation of the one-way system on King Street as announced last month,” a spokesperson said.

“Today, barricades are in place and the road markings are complete, directing traffic to not turn down King Street from the Reid Street junction.

“However, this morning the City Works Superintendent has witnessed several motorists ignoring the barricades and turning down King Street.

“This is a traffic violation and the City is reminding drivers that they can be stopped by police and fined for such violations.

“The City of Hamilton is introducing this one-way system for safety reasons, as turning onto Front Street can be hazardous.

“We caution motorists who do not obey road traffic signs that they are putting themselves and others at risk and we encourage responsible driving.”

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  1. Dude says:

    Oh you must mean bikes were ignoring the barricades…cool

  2. Mare says:

    It may be hazardous taking a RIGHT turn from King to Front Street, but not if you take a LEFT. Please re-consider to allow LEFT turn only.

    This move is only going to ADD to traffic congestion at Court and King, especially with the many people who run the red lights there now.

    Please re-think this one. Left turn only from King to Front.

    • template says:

      It’s also dangerous to go across Reid St at the King St intersection, plus it backs up traffic way back to Church St in the evening rush hour.

      Excellent decision.

      • almost says:

        @template You’re not wrong! No traffic hold-ups at all this leaving leaving work at 5, usually jammed trying tp get round the corner

    • hmmm says:

      Left only from king to Front would require a central reservation to prevent people from abusing by darting over into the car park or turning right. That would narrow front street and present danger.

  3. Cranjis McBasketball says:

    Mission report December 16, 1991

  4. NO MORE WAR says:

    The fine for disobeying a traffic sign needs increasing to either $100 – $150.

    • Hurricane says:

      @NO MORE WAR, why stop at $150, where do you draw the line? Thank god you don’t have anything to do with setting the cost. Sounds like you’d start a war.

  5. Triangle Drifter says:

    What is the problem with a ‘no right turn’ as well as a ‘no straight ahead’
    at the bottom of King?

    The whole of Hamilton is a disaster when it comes to traffic control. In your car or truck come up to the stop line at an intersection, about any intersection will do, & see if the lights directing you can be seen? Almost guaranteed that the light will be blocked by your right side windshield post or is up above you through the roof.

    Try it. When next in town stop at the line & see how much head/body moving has to be done to see the light.

    I know that those lights were put up long long ago but who was the idiot who placed them & who approved the placement? Lots of them would be perfect, IF we drove on the other side of the road.

    Having driven through many cities & towns I always marvel at how well lights are placed so that drivers can see them without doing head gymnastics when stopped at the line compared to Bermuda.

    • JohnBoy says:

      Maybe some of the lines are in the wrong place

    • Build a Better Bermuda says:

      I don’t know of any that would be that bad in Hamilton, they all have lights on all four corners, so you just need to look to the lights across the intersection. The only ones with issues are at the crossings. I see too many drivers who ignore the stop lines to begin with and usually stop past them, that is the main issue.

      • almost says:

        too right. bikes typically drive over the lines, blocking pedestrians. the sooner the police start booking these ignorant fools the better

        And while I’m here, the policeman who pulled over car yesterday by PW marine and told them to take the baby from of the passenger’s lap and into the car seat in the back, well done!!!

  6. Jeremy Deacon says:

    makes sense

  7. Traffic Lights says:

    Can we please put in traffic lights at the King Street and Reid Street cross walk, at the pedestrian crossing next to Tribe Road Kitchen? It is so dangerous trying to cross the road as the traffic coming down King Street moves too fast and very few want to stop as most are in a hurry to get out of town and get home. Not mention the bikes that weave in and out of the traffic and the people on cell phones not paying attention.

  8. Y-Gurl says:

    Who thinks this stupidness up, I can’t believe we keep letting these lot inconvenience us, if as claimed it was “very dangerous” turning onto Front Street from King then make it a no right turn at the bottom, we understand they have no qualified engineers but surely there’s someone with sense, and lookout cyclists on the very slick massive white painted shape, I guess the busses are also changing route

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