Police Officer Injured In Two Vehicle Collision

August 7, 2016

A police officer is being treated for leg injuries following a two-vehicle collision involving a police motorcycle and a private car this afternoon on Palmetto Road.

A police spokesperson said, “Approximately 4:15pm on Sunday 7 Aug 2016, Police and first responders attended a report of two-vehicle collision involving a police motorcycle and a private motorcar, which occurred along Palmetto Road just outside of Tynes Bay Incinerator.

“The vehicles were reported to be travelling in opposite directions when they became involved in a collision.

“The police officer was conveyed to King Edwards Memorial Hospital where he is being treated for leg injuries. The driver of the motorcar was not injured.

“The scene was processed by traffic accident investigators, which resulted in a brief delay in traffic.

“Anyone who may have witnessed this accident is asked to call Sgt. Astwood on 2471009.”

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Comments (7)

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  1. Hotgog says:

    sweep that under the carpet

  2. Slow down!!!

  3. takbir Sharrieff says:

    I empathize with any Police involved in an accident involving being on duty ,acting in line with his duty, or off duty being involved in an accident of any kind. We must always regard an accident ,as an unfortunate occurrence no matter to whom ,or what. Sweeping things under the carpet ,or just assuming that slowing down, applies to all circumstances, ,is very dismissive,,,,,,to say the least..after all the police are forced to speed in the line of their duty, all over the world. Peace.

  4. smh says:

    It is just a matter of time before a Police Officer seriously injures themselves or another member of the Public. They ride and drive at a very high speed and some of the time it is darn unneccessary. So glad the driver of the car was unhurt. Slow down BPS !!!!!!! Always stressing that we the Public slow down. LEAD BY EXAMPLE.

    • Mhm right says:

      Sometimes they drive at high speeds with only the flashing lights and no sirens! How am I supposed to see around a corner and know you are coming at 70kph in your police Jeep! If it’s that big of an emergency turn on the sirens!

  5. wahoo says:

    Straight roads tend to have high incidents of head on collisions….very dangerous.

  6. Faith in our future says:

    So thankful this young man is doing well thank the Lord …