BHB: Financials & Strategic Plan For 2016 – 2021

September 27, 2016

The Bermuda Hospitals Board today released end of year unaudited financial statements for 2015/16 as well as their ‘Strategic Plan for 2016 – 2021.’

The BHB said that highlights for the fiscal year 2015/16 include “completion of a six month strategic planning process for the entire BHB that received stakeholder input from 300 staff and 50 external stakeholders,” adding that “three years of concerted efforts to become more efficient” have made the following possible:

  1. No [0%] fee rise for KEMH in 2016/17 [vs 1% in 2015/16 and 1% in 2014/15]
  2. Costs associated with the new Acute Care Wing fully were fully absorbed for the first full fiscal year of payments [payments started in June 2014]
  3. BHB is in a more stable financial position to invest in its own infrastructure and services, and work in partnership with others to improve community health

BHB Chairman, Mr Peter Everson, comments: “For some time now, BHB has been working hard to manage very high capacity in both the King Edward VII Memorial Hospital and the Mid-Atlantic Wellness Institute.

“For patients at KEMH, this has caused a number of challenges, including longer waits than usual for admission to a bed from, for example, the Emergency or Surgery Department. We recognise that the wait for a bed is very frustrating. At MWI, staff members are under increasing pressure as numbers of people seeking help continues to rise, including seniors who have dementia-related disorders.

“An immense amount of work is carried out every day and night to keep services running. I would like to thank all staff who are part of this 24/7 process of discharge and admission, caring, treatment and support. But the pressure on staff is not sustainable, nor is the patience of our community.

“At the heart of the increase in use of our services is the aging and increasingly ill population we care for, individuals choosing to use Emergency rather than their doctors in the community, vulnerable groups whose medical and mental health chronic conditions are not managed optimally, and the shortage of appropriate services for our seniors, especially those with dementia-related disorders.

“This rise in service demand pressures BHB to increase capacity and drives up costs despite fee rises being well below inflation for many years.”

“With this in mind, BHB completed a strategic planning process that embraced internal and external stakeholder feedback from 350 individuals earlier this year. Summed up in the new vision: Exceptional Care. Strong Partnerships. Healthy Community, the strategy seeks to set the direction to address key concerns around quality and health.

“Key projects include improving patient flow through and between BHB, MWI and the community, working collaboratively to increase long term care placement availability in Bermuda, helping vulnerable groups improve and manage their chronic diseases, and strengthening relationships and partnerships with community providers and overseas hospitals to benefit access to quality care.”

“Furthermore we are using this strategy to address a number of critical issues impacting patient experience. From reducing delays as patients move through and out of the hospital, which will help reduce Emergency wait times, to dealing with unexpected issues that arise where the new strategy requires us to put patients first.

“Examples of unexpected issues include improving diagnostic imaging reporting times. We had noticed our turnaround times had increased over the summer and this has triggered an internal review to look at all the processes, staffing and current systems that are involved in getting a diagnostic imaging test read, reported on and to physicians and patients.

“Right now, we have adapted processes, and are increasing administrative and systems support to address the increase in turnaround time. But in keeping true to our new strategy of being patient-focused, the review has highlighted a number of longer term improvements that can be made that will give patients access to their own results as they are posted.

“There are no quick fixes to improving community health and hospital services, and BHB recognises it is part of a healthcare system that requires the involvement of providers, organisations and the community.

“A new, more collaborative way of working is required. The issues we face are complex and require us to listen as much as we talk, and to collaborate and cooperate with other providers as much as we compete. A community event is being planned for late in the Fall.”

Mr Everson ends: “While the release of our 2011-12 Annual Report in July was a positive step forward to getting our financial statements up to date, we will continue to share our unaudited results on a six monthly basis. The end of year update is included in this release.”

The unaudited end of year financial statements for 2015/16 are below [PDF here]

The Strategic Plan 2016-2021 follow below [PDF here]

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  1. Kim Smith says:

    Were the past financial statements ever provided? I’m not sure of the date range for which financials didn’t seem to be readily available but were being asked for.

    • We have been regularly providing financial details since 2013, and annual reports are available up to 2011/12. Unaudited financial updates are available in the press release section of the BHB website. Annual reports can be found on the BHB website by selection the ‘News and Media’ section on the left menu, and choosing ‘Annual Reports’. Salary details from 2011-12 to 2015/16 were also released earlier this year and can be found on the press release page (release date 16 May 2016).

  2. robbie says:

    It is useful to note that the hospital expenses have gone up by approximately 8% in the last year, led by salaries and ‘other’ expenses. This is well above inflation and is the main cause for our spiraling ‘out-of-control’ health insurance premiums. Despite the attempt by the Bermuda health Council to regulate the private doctors, it is really the hospital and the new acute care wing that has sent our health-care costs into orbit. The Bermuda health Council would be wise to concentrate on the largest contributor to our health-care costs in Bermuda.

    • Anna (BHB Public Relations Dept) says:

      Please see the following from the BHB Finance Department which gives the background on the salary increase: “The increase in salaries benefits in this fiscal year incorporates increases in hours worked by staff to accommodate an increase in utilization of our services, as well as an increase in space with the ACW that has to be cleaned. It also reflects the cost of living adjustment accrual agreed with the unions as part of the Collective Bargaining Agreement for both BIU and BPSU staff for the year 2015/16.”

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