Birds Stolen From Garden Center In Warwick

September 27, 2016

[Written by Don Burgess]

A thief in the night stole about a dozen English Budgies from MP Jeff Sousa’s aviary at his business.

Some time after the close of the Garden Center business in Warwick on Thursday evening and before it opened on Friday morning, the English Budgies went missing.

Mr. Sousa said: “I thought it would be a nice idea to have some birds to have something different like streams and walkways to make the Garden Center unusual.”

He said installing the aviary was to help make it look more like a garden.

Budgies Bermuda September 27 2016 1

“People came to bring their children here to look at the birds because they enjoy it. If I was selfish, I’d have these English budgies at my house where I and my family and friends could enjoy them, but I put them at the Garden Center so all of Bermuda could enjoy them.”

The MP Warwick West MP said he was so busy with preparation for Tropical Storm Karl he didn’t realize they were missing until an employee informed him on Friday morning.

Since then he has put out the word seeking the safe return of his beloved budgies.

Budgies Bermuda September 27 2016 2

Mr. Sousa has made posts to several social media sites.

“If you know something, say something, especially in a small place like Bermuda. If somebody all of a sudden has these birds and they’re showing them off at their house, there’s bound to be question marks.”

He added: “This is very disheartening for me personally as a gentleman, a man and his family give to churches, to schools, to the community and to the needy on a constant basis. This is so disheartening because this was there for people to enjoy.

Budgies Bermuda September 27 2016 3

“What type of human does this? This is scary stuff. The people of Bermuda need to put our foot down because if we don’t, we will all be living in cages ourselves like some many people do in so many other places in the world. We’ll be behind bars on our windows and doors.”

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  1. So Tired says:

    So ridiculous. What are they going to do with the birds now that everyone knows they have been stolen? What an A double S!!

    • Kim Smith says:

      Well, it depends on whether anyone puts 2 and 2 together and reports it. Surprisingly, some people are titillated by being ‘in the know’ about a crime and are not about to do the right thing by reporting it.

    • BIRDGATE says:

      No one stole dem birds Bie. If you think the Birds are the only voters flying the coop on the UBP aka oba wait until next election.

      On a real they must have heard about the 7 day $30,000 vacation in Rio and decided to get their free first class trips in now.

    • What type of people would agree to this shady Airport deal.

  2. Meh. says:

    This is what happens when the UBP/OBA doesn’t produce the jobs they promised. Ace boy wants a bird and can’t afford it; what did you expect would happen?

    • Nanny Pat says:

      “What did I expect would happen?” So you’re saying it’s OK to STEAL someone else’s property (or pets) when you want something but don’t have the money? That sounds like that BAD word none of us like to hear: ENTITLEMENT!!

      Let me know how you feel when someone breaks into your home or business and steals your stuff.

    • Meh. says:

      …I take it people didn’t get that my comment was satire.

  3. Smarter441 says:

    Maybe some bird lover let them out. They don’t have to be in someone’s house.

    • Flatts or Bust says:

      They are DOMESTICATED birds, well loved by Mr. Sousa and no-doubt happy. (I know because I have budgies.) How will they survive “in the wild.” It’s not like parakeet feed grows on Bermuda trees.

  4. Awake says:

    People like you have a problem understanding finances. Before shooting off your mouth, try educating yourself! The OBA promised jobs and many people who didn’t have jobs under the PLP banner, now have them. Building hotels, encouraging more business to our shores, etc., creates jobs! Again, educate yourself by researching how finance works! I hope to God that you don’t arrive on someone’s property to steal from them! I hope no one steals from YOU! It’s hard when the shoe is on the other foot!!!

    • Yea ok says:

      Which people are you talking about? Last I checked a large % of my people didn’t trust the OBA. Polls don’t lie politians do.

    • The Original Truth™ says:

      Really, OBA has created jobs for Bermudians? I didn’t realize there were so many Bermudians fluent in Tagalog, Portuguese and Patois.

    • Thoughtful says:

      …And Awake is a finance genius that should educate people like me so i can better understand finance. Please educate us mr/mrs know it all…lets have it!



  5. Swing Voter says:

    just reflecting on theft of the unique Christmas lawn ornaments from the guy in flats village. The theft of a ‘one of a kind’ santa sleigh and reindeer was so stupid.

  6. Say Whaat? says:

    Why?!? This is horrible! I hope they just let them be free. Poor birds.

    Don’t make this political people.

    • JD says:

      Those birds made it political in the first place! Look at them all in their PLP green outfits…well accept for the one dressed in that nice sky blue number. I bet he supports same sex marriage though, and immigration reform, damn foreigners.

  7. who cares most says:

    Again Mr Sousa it seems you only get upset when its you dats being taken advantage of not that um agreeing to what happened to your birds being right.
    As a Community we all should be lookin out for each other but when wrong is being done to some they wont and dont speak to what they know and see.

  8. Sage says:


  9. Ha! says:

    A local business was stolen from and people want to take political jabs. Its okay for his business to be stolen from because he’s associated with a particular party? People just genuinely make me sick sometimes. Really…do better people.

  10. be realistic says:

    Someone is a Budgie Smuggler….

  11. Hurricane says:

    Hard to believe that someone went and stole 12 birds. Either way, I hope they are safe.

    • TWEETIE BIRD says:

      That seems kind of strange they would go through all that trouble trying to catch all those birds….do you know how hard it is, plus all the noise they make when frightened…..Just ask that daam puddy tat,its been 50 years and he TILL TANT TATCH ME…AND IM IN A SMALLER TAGE!!

  12. Real Deal says:

    I don’t think the birds were stolen they probably felt the bad weather coming and made an escape. Bermuda is to small to be stealing birds or cars. unless the birds where eaten by the so called cat burglar.

  13. Thoughtful says:

    “What type of human does this? This is scary stuff. The people of Bermuda need to put our foot down because if we don’t, we will all be living in cages ourselves like some many people do in so many other places in the world. We’ll be behind bars on our windows and doors

    Are they referring to BIRDS being STOLEN or the increasing number of ARMED ROBBERIES??? What is your opinion on the LATTER ??

  14. TWEETIE BIRD says:

    If chicken is on sale for less than .99 lb this week I suggest you take a second look at it before purchasing it!

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