Opening Of Clearwater Middle School Delayed

September 7, 2016

The opening of Clearwater Middle School will be delayed until Friday [Sept 9] due to issues with the building’s air conditioning, the Ministry of Education said today.

A spokesperson said, “The Ministry of Education wishes to advise the public that, due to issues with the building’s air-conditioning, the opening of Clearwater Middle School will be delayed until Friday.

“However, teachers should report as normal on Thursday.”

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  1. Smh says:

    Bloated, overpaid underworked civil servants can’t even get a school open on time. Are we to believe that the Air conditioning was working fine until today? Where’s the accountability

    • Typical says:

      How does it feel to read a news story make an assumption and be completely wrong?. next time you get a flat tire blame yourself…because obviously things can’t just happen or go wrong .

  2. Comrad Sinkyboat says:

    I went to school in the 60;s and 70′s e didn’t have ac then, where I do appreciate last minute break downs, this isn’t acceptable after 3 months off. it comes down to preventative maintenance or lack of

    • enough says:

      Well your school was built with in case u can’t tell Clearwater does not have windows that provide enough oxygen!!! So an ac is not a want its a need!!

  3. O.M.G says:

    Look on the us news school did not open because things weren’t finished. Better to be safe. Watch it they will send Furbert and tweed down there lol

  4. Wow says:

    No a/c? How pampered are kids these days? When I was in school the only a/c we had was an open window. Clearwater Middle School has tons of windows all on the side of the building, open them and go to school!

    • Say Whaat? says:

      Just gonna ignore the fact that temperatures are worse now thanks to certain generations destroying the ozone. Let’s not kill the kids through heat exposure, ok.

      • Wow says:

        You’re kidding right? I attended Clearwater 15 years ago. I don’t know what generation you think you’re referring to but it wasn’t mine and I assure you it was just as hot then as it is now! We didn’t have a/c in high school either! I suggest you google the climate data from back then and stop making foolish comments.

  5. betty says:

    Ac prevented a school from starting really. I would have thought the most important priority is to get the children in school. When I went to school we did not have ac… My how spoilt we have become.