Premier Amends Upcoming UK Travel Plans

September 30, 2016

The Cabinet Office advised today [Sept 30] that the Premier Michael Dunkley, will not be travelling to the United Kingdom for the upcoming Conservative Party Conference which is taking place October 2 – 6.

“The Premier was scheduled to travel this weekend to the Conservative Party Conference as a productive networking opportunity and to meet with particular members of the UK Cabinet; these meetings have not been confirmed at this time,” a spokesperson said.

“Thus the decision has been made by the Premier not to travel this weekend as planned but to endeavour to schedule any meetings during the Overseas Territories Joint Ministerial Council [JMC] Meeting at the end of October in the UK.

“Due to the schedule change regarding the upcoming UK visit, the Bermuda London Office’s planned Birmingham networking session for October 3, has been cancelled and confirmed attendees notified. The Premier will also reach out to each attendee personally by e mail.

“Those who were planning on coming to the Birmingham session next week are instead encouraged to attend the networking session which will be held October 31, at the London Office, located at6 Arlington Street, London, SW1A 1RE.

“Those Bermudians living, working and studying in the UK are invited to the session so they can have an opportunity to have face to face dialogue with the Premier.

“As a further note, the Minister of the Environment, Cole Simons will attend the Conference next week and engage in significant discussions with key UK officials and organizations regarding Bermuda’s marine environment which have been scheduled.

“For more information about the October 31 London Office networking session or to RSVP, email or call 020 7518 9900.”

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Comments (11)

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  1. jim bob says:

    The more likely reason is that someone told the premier that it probably was not a good idea, in an election year, to be aligning himself with the Conservative party who have implemented so many policies and tax breaks to further the the agendas of the few at the cost to the many. Very telling Mr. Premier, very telling indeed.

    • He needs to amend that Airport deal.

        I agree wholeheartedly. Looks like those “amongst that group” could not care less. It is “full steam ahead.”
        Democracy is on that back burner at this point.
        Those people have failed Bermudians miserably.

  2. Thinker says:

    Ask the Sports Minister to buy your tickets – he isn’t shy about spending tax payers monies!!!!

  3. Thoughtful says:

    nice try Dunkley at damage control….too late damage has already been done…enjoy your last year in politics and as the government.

    • serengeti says:

      So if he goes you whine and if he doesn’t you whine.

      • Thoughtful says:

        Serengeti,serengti,zevon or zendrive whomever you are today, where in my comment am I WHINING? I don’t think you can read or comprehend well…Lol I’m definitely not going back and forth with you….its impossible to debate and reason with someone with the intelligence of a rock! BTW why are you following me around…don’t you get tired of getting schooled sunshine?? I see you are still likening your own comments…tells you something lol

      EXACTLY. Truly pathetic.
      The “no confidence group” is at it again.

  4. Unprofessional says:

    Meanwhile….what galls me is that Sylvan Richards is on facebook justifying his attire in Rio. Why not just apogize for the excessive spend of tax payers money. His actions demonstrate a very self serving, immature Minister. Humble yourself and admit it was a mistake. If not for yourself then for you party, all of whomever you threw under the bus with your extravagance!

    • Rockfish#2 says:

      Fat chance.
      If he hasn’t admitted to an error in judgement by now, he never will.

  5. Y-Gurl says:

    No one will even notice he isn’t there