“Support Pathways” Group Start Online Survey

September 27, 2016

The individuals behind the “We Support Pathways” group have released a survey aimed at collecting information pertaining to long-term resident non-Bermudians.

The group said, “The intention of this survey is to build a profile of long term residents in Bermuda who would stand to benefit from immigration reform. This profile can be used by policy-makers to support any legislative change.

“The Group would like to ask anyone who has a couple of minutes to spare to go online and fill out the survey and to also share the survey with friends and family who fall into the same category.

“As we know some people may be fearful in sharing their information we would like to emphasize that the information provided would be protected. As we may make aggregate information publicly available, we won’t divulge any specific personal details. All information collected is kept on servers outside Bermuda.

“The Group is also pleased that within the first 3 hours of making the survey publicly available on Facebook yesterday afternoon, we have received 160 responses. This is indicative of a desire by people to share their stories.

“Once again the Group reminds everyone of their position on immigration reform. Anyone who is born in Bermuda or who arrives here at a young age should be able to at least apply for Bermudian status at some point in their life. They believe in an immigration policy which protects people who know no other home than Bermuda.

“They have always stood against arbitrary cut-off dates that divide families. They will continue to advocate for immigration policy which brings Bermuda in line with global standards and its international human rights obligations.”

The survey can be found here.

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  1. Tweet Tweet says:

    Cmon lets get those applications approved….election time is drawing near!

  2. no love says:

    Survey states: “This survey is for any non-Bermudian who has been living in Bermuda for a long time” Can someone define “long time”?