Video: Student Stephon Paynter ‘Feels Icy Chill’

September 2, 2016

Summer student Stephon Paynter felt the chill while out on a job with Air Care after coming across a four-inch thick block of ice!

Stephon has been working with Air Care, one of the Island’s leading air conditioning [AC] and mechanical services companies, as part of a partnership between the Firm and Impact Mentoring Academy, which is aimed at giving young Bermudians hands-on work experience.

On assignment at the Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences [BIOS] to fix an air conditioning unit, Stephon and the Air Care team saw the problem.

Stephon said: “There was an AC in the computer room and computers generate a whole lot of heat. So the AC has to be constantly running. The coils froze up and there was a big block of ice on the wall where the coils had frozen.”

He also had a chance to see some of the cutting edge technology that Air Care uses to remotely correct issues with air conditioning systems.

“We sit down at a computer, which is hard wired to whatever system we are working on and it has graphics that show what is going on with that particular AC.”

Air Care’s General Manager, Brendan Stones, said everyone at Air Care had been impressed with Stephon’s application and ability to quickly learn.

“The partnership with Impact was a first for us and we did not know how it would work out. In this case, Stephon has done very well and is a credit to his school.”

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  1. Mary says:

    Bravo Stephon

  2. Kal says:

    Good stuff cuzzy! Keep up the good work. Making the family proud