Incidents Of Graffiti Spark Police Investigation

October 30, 2016

[Updated] Police today [Oct 30] said that an active investigation is underway following the discovery of graffiti at different locations across the island.

A police spokesperson said, “The Bermuda Police Service is aware of graffiti at locations in Pembroke, Devonshire and St. George’s.

“The affected areas include, but may not be limited to:

  • Old Military Road, Devonshire.
  • Black Watch Pass / North Shore Road, Pembroke.
  • Dock Hill, Devonshire.
  • North Street, Pembroke.
  • Fort Hamilton Drive, Pembroke.
  • Naval Tanks Hill, St. George’s.

“An active investigation into this matter is underway and police are interested in speaking with anyone that may have seen suspicious activity in these areas or who may know the person[s] responsible for the graffiti.

“Residents that wish to report graffiti in their neighbourhoods or that can assist with this inquiry are encouraged to contact the main police telephone number 295-0011.”

Update 6.37pm: Responding to the incidents of vandalism which have occurred this weekend, Premier Michael Dunkley said, “I am aware of the incidents and understand that the Bermuda Police Service considers this a serious matter and is currently investigating it.

“While I won’t provide extensive comment, I do wish to say that I strongly condemn such vile, disrespectful and threatening language. This type of hateful vandalism has absolutely no place in our society.”

Individuals who may have any information about this weekend’s acts of vandalism are encouraged to cooperate with the Bermuda Police Service or call Crime Stoppers.

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Comments (42)

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  1. Warlord says:

    It amazes me the level of ignorance on this island.

    • NO MORE WAR says:

      Don’t be amazed. It’s everywhere.

    • Toleratate says:

      Amazed is the idiot who constantly hits the dislike button… really people, if you don’t immediately condemn this action you’re actually part of the problem…. YES, Bermuda is facing issues at this time, but real Bermudians come together to make things better…. no matter what political party you follow, no matter if you are man or woman, black or white…. these actions NEED to be condemned by ALL… I have read a load of incoherent backward thinking people on Facebook making excuses and playing the blame game… but if you have seen and read this disgusting filth and you have an inch of decency… you must condemn it… and the longer it takes before you do, only shows some where in your twisted sole you actually condone the action… its like not actually doing the deed of killing someone but cowardly saying to yourself they deserve it…. Please Bermuda… WE ARE BETTER THAN THIS…..

    • WARLORD:It really shouldn’t. There are grave inequities from an economic standpoint.
      Persons are deliberately and unfairly being mistreated at their places of work. There is prejudice and racism at work.
      IGNORANCE, you say. The ignorant ones are the ones who are “surprised” by violent behaviours.
      The behaviour was WRONG but its implication is REAL.
      Persons’ pressure points are now bordering on BOILING OVER.

      • serengeti says:

        And there you have it.
        Threats of murder are being defended by PLP supporters.

      • hmmm says:

        where exactly , do you have an example of an inequity?

  2. Sure hope says:

    Sure hope that this is a very in bad taste Halloween prank.

    I also hope that the leadership of the PLP will also condemn this very serious hate speech.

    No matter what our beliefs there is no place for this type of hate speech in our small community.

    Have a blessed evening.

    • Sick&Tired says:

      If they speak out you BASH,RIDICULE, BERATE & BELITTLE them. When they don’t you question their intent!!!

      Wth is wrong with you people???
      Meds not working? Run out of ALCOHOL???

      SMDH@this HATEFUL rhetoric!

  3. Noncents says:

    I’ve seen a few of these. It’s embarrassing that we have someone on this island that would write such vile things.

  4. John says:

    Likely at done by the same dumb inbred. Aka a loser

  5. Widget says:

    According to the Dislike section of this form their are a number of people that agree to what has been written.

  6. Comfortably numb says:

    No instant condemnation by a PLP spokesperson- interesting but not surprising.

    • Will-Not-Let-This-Die!! says:

      Clearly posting and stalking the comments is your full time job.
      Perhaps some of these young men cause trouble in Bermuda could use some external guidance.
      What do you offer??
      Contrition, strife, division and way more.
      Not sure if the large void in your life is impossible to fill but here are some suggestions: Get a life, find a NEW HOBBY, stop being so mean, avoid electronic media and lay off the juice!

    • Crickets says:

      Crickets–blink, blink–more crickets
      From Alaska Hall–very sad….

      • TO….Comfortably numb:
        All P.L.P. accusers need to take a GOOOOOODD look at themselves in the mirror!
        The problem rests with us. The solution is looking at you in the mirror!!

    • Spit Bouy says:

      @ Comfortably numb


  7. Derek W says:

    Inside OBA job by one of their paid bloggers.
    It’s a well known fact that no PLP supporters can spell Fahy correctly!

  8. Jadon says:

    But it was ok when then done it to Dr. Ewart and the PLP right ? No instant condemnation about all the threats they received but thats ok… I always forget this is a one way street when it comes to the OBA and its supporters. lol

  9. Truthhertz says:

    Look at the dislikes on comments criticising this action.

    It’s scary to think that there are so many on island that condone the threat of murder based on political differences.

    What has Bermuda turned into?

    • HAHA says:

      Some of you people need a life! Who cares whether someone likes or dislikes your comment….does it determine whether your comment is relevant or irrelevant or whether you have a feel good day or not….taking your medication should determine the latter,and some of you need too if someone dislikes comments and it bothers you to the extent that you have to post a comment about it! As long as YOU know that the graffiti and its content is wrong on so many levels….WHO CARES ABOUT LIKES AND DISLIKES…just because someone dislikes your comment doesn’t mean they condone what has happened….they just may not like how it was written…GET A LIFE GEEZ!!

      • Truthhertz says:

        People that are disliking comments about this story are effectively condoning/supporting threats made against other’s lives.

        Again, what is Bermuda turning into where death threats are seen as acceptable and criticisms of such hatefulness are in the wrong?

        • HAHA says:

          Yes you are right because you know everyone who are disliking comments! Must be nice to know it all and know all!

        • HAHA says:

          I disliked your comment because your focus was about disliking/liking comments which I found irrelevant to the story but as you can see in same post I don’t condone these actions when I stated that the”graffiti and its content is wrong on so many level” Point is, maybe people just dislike any comment you make or have made in the past because they don’t like some of the stuff you have posted! Why focus on likes/dislikes if YOU are satisfied with your opinion and what you post? Like I said….WHO CARES!!!

  10. wahoo says:

    Trashy people doing trashy things.

    • TO Wahoo:
      No!! They are not trashy people doing trashy things.
      Go into the business sector jobs. Go into the jobs held be caucasians. They are being brought here a dime a dozen.
      Bermudians are deliberately and systematically being ignored by caucasian bosses…island wide.
      This oba group and their point shares and fairylands allies are all a part of attempting to destroy black Bermudains’ lives.
      Wlak around this entire island and interview BLACKS!!!
      So, NO!! They are not trashy people doing trashy things.
      Caucasian bosses do a good job of that.

      • bluwater says:

        I wonder why IB doesn’t want to hire folks who threaten to kill people?

      • Double S says:

        You are condoning death threats.

        You are trash. Period.

      • Jus' Wonderin' says:

        You’re the biggest idiot on the island if you believe that HOT GARBAGE you just wrote bra….I usually agree with most of your points but if you truly believe that paragraph do the world a favour…

      • Absolutely says:

        You spout just as much cr@p on these newstories as you do elsewhere.
        Go get a job so you don’t have so much free time.

      • wahoo says:

        So you know what these people looked like? You condone their actions? You give them excuses? Was it you?

  11. Cow Polly says:

    And this ignorance will continue as long as a group of people are considering inferior to the rest. The quicker gay rights is recognized and granted the quicker they will stop being in the forefront of everyone’s minds and can live their lives peacefully within the community

  12. San George says:

    Enjoy your boat race!

  13. Curious says:

    Does anyone remember the gnomes that were sprayed on every bus stop? That was creepy.

  14. I and I says:

    False flag!

  15. Terry says:

    This is all by design.

    Things are starting to look up and the PLP feel displaced. Something positive is happening to the economy after the debt they left us with.

    This is a Tweedly Dee get back.

    It’s as clear as Clearwater B!%i@h………………………….


    Dislike all you trolls want. Your gonna suffer more when the wind has left the sails.

  16. bluwater says:

    You all pooh-pooh this and them you wonder why the kids are killing each other? They act the way you teach em.

  17. Keepin' it Real!...4Real! says:

    Bermuda needs it’s very own Julian Assange…wikileaK these motherf#@kers!!.