Child Recovering After Being Hit By Motorcyclist

November 3, 2016

A 7-year-old boy struck by a motorcycle in Pembroke yesterday is in stable condition on a general ward at the hospital and the police continue to appeal for the male motorcyclist  – who apparently left the scene — to come forward.

A police spokesperson said, “At last check this morning [Nov 3], the 7-year-old Smith’s parish boy struck and injured by a motorcyclist around 4.40pm on Wednesday, November 2 on North Shore Road in Pembroke near the junction with Princess Estate Road continued to recover in stable condition on a general ward at the hospital. It was initially believed the injured boy was 8 years old.”

The police previously said that the “male motorcyclist involved stopped and initially spoke with the child before riding off,” and today they said “inquires continue, with a renewed appeal for the male motorcyclist involved to come forward.”

“Any additional witnesses are also encouraged to contact the main police‎ telephone number 295-0011 – if they have not done so already.”

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Comments (4)

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  1. Zevon says:

    Description of the male motorcyclist?

  2. JUNK YARD DOG says:

    if that in not the last straw i don’t know what is.
    The rider of the motor must have been just plain care less.

  3. Widget says:

    No sorry but the motor cyclist didn’t Care Less, otherwise the moron would have helped this poor child. Imagin, this person stopped and said what to an injured 7 year old and drove off. This child is in the hospital, was it not clear enough to the cyclist the boy was injured and required his help. What on Gods green earth is this world coming to. Hey mat who ever you are, turn yourself in and when they let your sorry a$$ out go see that poor child and apologize. Oh and I hope his parents forgive you as well.

  4. Davie Kerr says:

    Well, there’s always the possibility that the kid ran out into the road and didn’t give the motorcyclist a chance, but in that case why would the cyclist not stop? I suspect the presence of a guilty conscience…..