Attempted Armed Robbery At Point Mart Store

November 1, 2016

[Updated] The police have confirmed that there was an attempted robbery at the Point Mart store in Pembroke this afternoon [Nov 1], saying that an “assailant walked in” and “attempted to rob the store” and was “unsuccessful.” Further details are limited at this time, however we will update as able.

Update 1.46pm: Audio statement from Inspector Kuhn Evans

Update 1.50pm: A police spokesperson said, “At 12:45pm today [Tuesday, November 1st] police attended a report of an attempted armed robbery that took place at Point Mart on St. John’s Road in Pembroke.

“It appears that a male entered the premises, brandished what was believed to be a firearm and made demands of money.

“At the time there were patrons in the store as well as employees. However, no injuries were reported.

“The suspect apparently left the store empty handed, then got on an awaiting motorcycle driven by another male and fled the scene, heading in a westerly direction on St. John’s Road then east along North Shore Road.

“An active investigation is underway and any witnesses or persons with relevant information should contact the Criminal Investigation Department on 247-1744 or the anonymous and confidential Crime Stoppers hotline 800-8477.”

Police Bermuda November 1 2016 (3)

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Comments (25)

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  1. Smarter441 says:

    How did he walk out with nothing? Details Please!

  2. Turbot says:

    Point Bies are hard

  3. BossLady says:

    No details needed… clearly if the robber walked out with NOTHING, it is obvious the robbery was not successful. Hence the title Attempted Robbery.

  4. Sherildean says:

    Cause you don’t mess with the DeSilva boys.

    • Rubbish!!
      The DeSilva “boys” are merely people.

      • Secondhandsameway says:

        You go try and rob their store and let one of the boys catch you… that guy is lucky he got away because they would have called the ambulance first

  5. Bullseye says:

    Don’t mess with those Point bies!

  6. bermudamon says:

    right, seriously go going to rob a store brandished what was believed to be a firearm and made off with nuffin.

  7. Hurricane says:

    Just as I had said a few times; Point Mart would be next but not likely they would be as susessful. We don’t need to know how they walked out empty handed. Just that they did is enough.

  8. Glenn Blakeney Jr says:

    First, I’m happy that no one was hurt! This is my neighborhood store and these are very good people, especially the mom whom I hope wasn’t working at the time. Its obvious that the perpetrator and his accomplice are not from the area or familiar with the area because this is one store that is always occupied with patrons or there are always Desilva boys and their friends either at the store or hanging on the property which would make it very difficult to successfully rob the store.This is very sad indeed as this continues to happen to good people as it did with Soars grocery. I have personally seen people come in and walk out with groceries only to be allowed to pay at a later date or payday! Don’t be discouraged Desilvas, people hope you get your justice!

    • Point boy says:

      Well stated. Couldn’t have said it any better!

    • wondering says:

      what rubbish about the DeSilva “boys” sitting around – the would be thief obviously did not wish to harm anyone and left – a bullet has no feelings and no wanna be tough guy is gonna stop a hardened criminal with a gun

      the good thing is that they didn’t hurt anyone but point mart will now have to up their game to protect themselves similiar to the Belvin’s stores (even though they often leave their security barriers open!

      • All Talk says:

        While I agree they are wannabe tough guys, he was only suggesting that a person with only half a brain would think twice about robbing a store with the amount of traffic that is in and out of the store and with the sons and their friends always in the yard. No hardened criminal with a gun is gonna stop sons from protecting their mom and dad if they are in danger.It goes both ways…don’t underestimate what people would do when loved ones,especially mom and dads safety is in jeopardy!

    • Stand Firm Point Mart says:

      These idiots are dummies .. they aren’t smart enough to distinguish busy times from slow periods . Clearly are uneducated because small stores rarely carry high quantities of cash needless to mention that the majority of people use cards nowadays.

  9. Terry says:

    Nothing to do with point.

    All to do with my Great great great Momma and Poppa made this peninsular work.

    We work to serve.


  10. Point boy says:

    Them guys run a gym. Not to smart!

  11. Stand Firm Point Mart says:

    I am glad they didn’t get any money or anyone was physically hurt . I can assure you that if a gun wasn’t involved that kid would have gotten his a** kicked !

  12. Swing Voter says:

    Punks go get a job and stop stealing and robbing. What kind of upbringing made you so nasty, lazy, and as one politician says “with an attitude of entitlement”

  13. Maddog says:

    Guys, don’t play hero. No matter how tough and bad *ss you are a bullet will stop you. A stupid person with a gun does not present a fair fight. Let it happen without incident, then strategise your revenge after the fact..and kick their *sses so bad that they can never walk into a store again.

  14. Takbir Karriem Sharrieff says:

    The same principle applied,Many years ago it was Mr.Roaches Store.I could be wrong.But never the less,the principle applied,if you robbed The Point byes stores or any homes in the area,,The Point Byes would Get you.They looked out for their neighbourhoods ,and stores,very well.I was a Point Bye,we grew up on that principle.We took care of the business,then called ,,,,,the cops.Afterwards.Peace.

  15. mmm says:

    Our neighborhood stores, run by one or two people mean a lot to a lot of people, they were the beginnings of business enterprise and social settings. To the robbers, find a job, start your own business, there are people who need work done, but don,t be charging crazy prices or giving jacked up work..One day, and it,s rare, a thief will beg for the police to come to their rescue…it happened at Loyal Hill, it happened in Warwick. True , work is hard to come by, people are struggling trying to put food on the table, and keep a roof over their heads, so be respectful, patient, prompt and professional and you will get some work.