Bus Service To Resume On Saturday Morning

December 2, 2016

[Updated] Bus service on the island will be “discontinued as of this morning,” with no information regarding when bus service is expected to resume.

A Government spokesperson said, “The Department of Public Transportation has this morning been advised by the BIU that the Bus Service will be discontinued as of this morning.

“There is no information as to when bus service will be resumed.”

Update 7.52pm:Goverment said, “The Department of Public Transportation has advised that bus service will return to normal as of tomorrow [Saturday] morning.”

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  1. sandgrownan says:

    Hold on…so bus drivers are protesting at the House about the airport? Is that the implication here?

  2. aceboy says:

    This is ridiculous. Is this in support of the gathering on the Hill today? The BIU needs to stay out of politics and their workers get on with servicing the people of Bermuda…who are the ones who pay you. This is ANOTHER illegal action.

    The PLP/BIU simply want to gain power back at all costs and don’t care about anyone but themselves. They do NOT represent the will of the people….only the will of a few who seem to think this island belongs to them.

  3. Facts says:

    Shall we expect this during the America’s Cup as well?

    • Will says:

      Of course..how naive are you?! Only being sarcastic lol. But seriously there is still a part of me that thinks AC might not happen.they can pull out whenever and right now this day isn’t giving them a good incentive to stay.

    • frank says:

      looks like Dunkley will have to call on john again to sort things out

    • the struggle is real says:

      You can count on it as sure as the sun rises and sets.

    • Legalgal says:

      Yes. All an attempt to make the place ungoveranble and vecome a banana republic. (Unless their snouts are in the trough.)

    • frank says:

      America’s cup does not supersede people’s rights
      so mike and party need to start treating people right

  4. Family Man says:

    Fire them.


    • sandgrownan says:


    • One4all says:

      Will you be signing up to drive? Any of your friends? Try a little appreciation, or empathy? It’s easy to make comments from a place of entitlement.

  5. Navin Johnson says:

    Here we go…..is this over Rev Tweed

  6. Ha! says:

    Annnnd…here we go again.

  7. hmmm says:

    So a wildcat strike.

    Do you think that helps Bermudians and helps Bermuda by downing tools????

    • One4all says:

      Will you be signing up to drive? Any of your friends? Try a little appreciation, or empathy? It’s easy to make comments from a place of entitlement.

  8. Will says:

    Strike on your own time! People need to get to work in the private sector that rely on public transport. Unlike those public sector workers we actually get fired for not turning up to work on time. Wildcat strike without 21 days notice I hope they fire the lot of you.

  9. bluwater says:

    Really? You’re going to leave littles ones at the Bus Stop on their way to school?

    Chris is going down to use his union to express political power, but holds a press conference to publicly humiliate his dues paying member?

    Politicians using the people they won’t help to help themselves!

  10. Bdaluv says:

    Thank you for always standing up for the people even thought they are never thankful nor see it.

  11. SMILE says:

    here we go again party on the hill./… while our Bermudian people are being inconvenienced once again.. not forgetting our tourist keep ruining out country

  12. SMILE says:


  13. just wondering says:

    isn’t it impressive how quickly the bus drivers can organize something when it involves NOT working!! Wish they could be that efficient when it comes to actually working!!!

  14. exchange says:

    Sticking two fingers up at St George’s on their Christmas Walkabout night.

    BIU/PLP looking after Bermudians, my arris.

  15. John says:

    I can almost understand that the BIU can go on strike to support a BIU member who comes in to work drunk for the 4th time in a month and is summarily dismissed.
    To withdraw service in protest against a bill being debated in the house is a different matter. There is no labour-related or union-related issue here. This is a protest in support of a political party with entirely political motives. If a particular bus driver wishes to not work his assigned shift today then they can do so but they must also accept the consequent disciplinary action and pay loss.
    Why on earth should we all put up with the disruption AND pay the wages of those who are NOT taking us to our jobs today?
    It strikes me as particularly unfair that the BIU hierarchy ( and our well-paid pastor friend Tweedle ) will certainly face no financial loss or inconvenience at all.
    Every person who skips work to attend the protest should be subject to full discipline and pay loss. NO exceptions, NO excuses.

    • Bill says:


    • Will says:

      They were only on strike so they could attend the protest to increase the volume of the crowd to make it seem a lot of people care.

  16. Gustav says:

    Regardless what it is. , the bus drivers are always the first on strike.
    Seems that they make use of any issue , just not working !!!!!
    Fire them all !!!!

  17. bdaboy says:

    This just confirms how selfish and greedy the PLP/BIU is.

  18. Comfortably numb says:

    Didn’t the government “forgive” a large performance bond liable to the BIU on the condition there were no more wild cat strikes? The irony, of course, is that those inconvenienced are already disadvantaged: the wealthy have transportation or can afford taxis, the rest of us rely on public transportation. Shame on Chris Furbert and shame on the drivers!

  19. wahoo says:

    Guess they can afford losing a days pay right before Christmas.

  20. wahoo says:

    So I find it hard to believe that all bus drivers have such a strong opinion on this. Did they vote not to work? Were they given the option to work while others took a holiday? Or where they told not to work.

  21. Terry says:

    I thought there were laws against these type of strikes. Take the BIU the drivers and anyone else who strikes

  22. Antlee says:

    Sometimes I have to wonder, do union members face disciplinary action if they choose not to down tools? Or if they down tools and don’t show up in protest??? I don’t see anyone with clipboards out there taking names…. Bottom line is BIU needs to stop awarding vacation to its members to serve their political motives. Especially when it’s the people and citizens of Bermuda who are paying for it (figuratively and literally). As rightly pointed out, this is not a labour or union matter. But even if the union felt incited to throw its weight around, couldn’t they be courteous enough to utilise members that didn’tbinterruot essential services?

  23. Micro says:

    Terminate the whole department and start from scratch

  24. Terry says:

    These fools; yes fools and misguided think they will end up like the Browns, Furberts, Burgesses et al.


  25. Legalgal says:

    Banana Republic….

  26. Miguelito says:

    You choose not to work your shift…you won’t be paid, then. In fact, if it is that easy to decide you don’t wanna work, then maybe you don’t need a job. Move over for someone who wants/needs a job. Get out of the way.

  27. swing voter says:

    left waiting again. a few government workers disrupt thousands of people attempting to get on with life. I think its time to fire these people….