MP Roban & Minister Baron On Protest, Police

December 5, 2016

Shadow National Security Minister Walter Roban said that “clear answers have yet to be provided as to how and why some members of the BPS exacted unjustifiable physical force including the use of pepper spray and the threat of using tasers,” while National Security Minister Jeff Baron noted that the operational control of the police  ”is a matter for the Commissioner,” adding that “the community we must come together” and “through diplomacy, not police tactics, we must ensure the country’s political leaders are safely able do their jobs.”

Police arrive at the demonstration on Friday:

Shadow Minister of National Security Walter Roban’s Statement

Speaking this morning at Nomination Day, Shadow Minister of National Security Walter Roban said, “I think as a result of the events that have transpired since Friday the 2nd of December, there’s some serious questions that have to answered.

“Senator Baron, the Minister of National Security, he’s gone missing. Why? Is the Premier hiding him somewhere? Why has not one of the most visible Ministers of the OBA suddenly gone silent on the most important issue that the police are facing, perhaps in decades?

“Senator Baron should be answering some of the questions as to what happened on Friday. Why isn’t he available? Why has he gone in hiding? I think we need to have some answers.

Mr Roban speaking this morning:

“There have been statements made by the persons from Government House, also by the Premier and by the head of the Police Service as to the issues of Friday,” Mr Roban continued.

“We think those statements don’t hit at the heart of the fact that they should be showing sensitivity to what has happened to those persons who were assembled in peaceful demonstration on Friday, and why they had to face pepper spray, and also a riot squad which seemed to be the aggressor rather than the protector.

“The position of the Progressive Labour Party is clear, as a result of what has happened around the events of Friday, as well as with the Bill that we are still facing, we do believe that the public has yet to know fully what the legislators are being asked to vote for.

“We still request that there be an independent review by the Office of the Auditor General which can ensure that we know the impact that this project will have, and the value for money it has.”

In a written statement, Mr Roban said, “Clear answers have yet to be provided as to how and why some members of the BPS exacted unjustifiable physical force, including the use of pepper spray and the threat of using tasers, on the restrained crowd.

“Perhaps it is only through an official enquiry, a point I have raised in writing with the Commissioner of Police, that the truth will be revealed. Having sought clarification from the Commissioner as to who authorised the discharge of weapons when officers were not endangered, no such reply has been received.”

Minister of National Security Jeff Baron’s Statement

In a statement this afternoon, Minister of National Security Jeff Baron said, “Certainly I remain troubled and concerned about the events that unfolded last Friday.

“The injuries suffered were unfortunate and regrettable and I have personally reached out to and spoken to those members of the public and to the Police Officer who were hurt.

“As it relates to the operations on Friday, I wish to advise that as Minister I was not consulted, nor informed of the tactical options discussed and decided upon by the Bermuda Police Service or anyone else on Friday.

Police press conference on Friday addressing the matter

“As a former Public Order Tactical Advisor, I have qualified views on Friday’s demonstrations and enforcement actions. However, the public is reminded that operational control of the Bermuda Police Service is a matter for the Commissioner.

“And as such, under the circumstances it would not be proper for me to comment extensively on the events of Friday with respect to any action taken by the BPS.

“As we have all taken time to reflect upon the activities of last Friday, what is clear to me is that as a community we must come together and do what we can to calm tensions and de-escalate the rhetoric from all sides.

“Through diplomacy, not police tactics, we must ensure the country’s political leaders are safely able do their jobs. And together as a community we must ensure that what happened on Friday does not happen again.‎”

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  1. Terry says:

    More posturing by the PLP.

    Nothing to do with the economy or future well being.

    We can’t even grow lilies anymore.

    • Mike J says:

      Because our soil is infested with foreign insects/bugs !

      • John says:

        Good luck keeping that soil watered if all those foreign insects crawled back home. Maybe all the Bermudians overseas should be sent back here too. Ignorance at its best.

      • sandgrownan says:


      • Enough says:

        Don’t you work for a foreign company MJ?

      • Toleratate says:

        What a disgusting thing to say…. obviously has NO idea …..PLP owe it to the people to educate and stop using their emotions…. when all this is done and dusted, they will have to deal with the monsters they have created… sad….

  2. Yahoo says:

    Easy Bud, don’t fall off that soapbox.

  3. Onion Juice says:

    Good thing we are Civil people,it could’ve been worst.

    • Cedar Stump says:

      One arrested and in jail on remand till 19/12/2016. After vid film reviewed…..more to come. Thank’s Burt, Burgess and Furbert for using the old people to take pepper spray and use them as a shield. All to prevent a House debate !!! Your hands are soiled. It is illegal to prevent members of the house access.

      • DJO says:

        @Cedar Stump
        you hit the nail on the head. that is / was exactly their ploy and design from the point of calling for the protest to getting unuion involved and to cover their sorry a$$es. sorry some seniors were hurt but hey follow the leader and thats what he got you.

      • James R says:

        @ Cedar Stump

        It worked out exactly as they PLP/BIU planned it!

    • Up D hill says:

      @ OJ it don’t stop you civil people from being stupid though!

  4. watching says:

    Minister Baron, do you think the tactics were heavyhanded?
    whether involved or not, you must have an opinion.

    • Terry says:

      Opinions are like a******* Watching.

      He is not appointed for his opinion/s.


    • de fence says:

      I don’t think anyone wanted this outcome, not the OBA, not the PLP, not the Police and certainly not the people sprayed.
      We need a de-escalation. The best answer would we a debate on the facts in Parliament, not people shouting and chanting.
      David Burt made a serious mis-judgement and a real man would acknowledge that and apologise. Causing chaos and stirring up distrust and bad feelings does not help anyone and certainly does not move the country forward

      • Toleratate says:

        apologize….don’t wait for it….this is a group that used people and their emotions to do their bidding…. Tweed reminded people at the Meeting of 1977 specifically to push them over the edge…. these two moments in time are like apples and oranges… THEY WAS GOING IN TO DEBATE A AIRPORT DEAL FOR GOODNESS SAKE….. they made it a black/white issue…. they lied about giving our airport away and played with people emotions… for what… the opportunity to do the SAME thing….
        If you trust this PLP you have rocks in your head…. read up on the COI findings… and what could Bean had possibly have said to incur the wrath of Brown…..people need to wake-up…

    • Pooh Bear says:

      Oh Oh Oh…. but he has ‘qualified’ views!!!
      Well buddy-boy, so does everyone else who was involved!

      Jeff, we had no idea your cape was made of Teflon! I’m sure your fellow countryman will appreciate the warmth you’ve let rain down on his back whilst sheilding your own

  5. Truth teller says:

    Both full of hot AIR……

  6. bluebirdboxes says:

    I agree about diplomacy and de-escalation being needed and to that end the Premier, Mr. Baron, the acting governor and the police commissioner have all failed. Their comments have fallen short of admitting that the parts of the police actions were too aggressive, dangerous, and antagonistic. Such admission should be the first step in de-escalation.

    • Terry says:

      Blue birds need a box.

      We need a stable home.

      • bluebirdboxes says:

        True stability can only be found through lessening the inequalities in society.

        • Build a Better Bermuda says:

          True equality requires, among many things, a healthy employment environment, denying this airport proposal will only serve to stagnant the employment environment, thus slowing any chance of social progress. Is this the ideal way for us to progress forward with a new airport… no, but we don’t live in ideal times and this deal is a well thought out solution to the difficulties we face. Unfortunately it can’t solve the issue of people who want to misrepresent it for self political ends, only soul searching will do that… particularly by those leaders who would heat their supporters to volatile emotional states with those misrepresentations and know what that would lead to in these confrontational situations.

          Course it works to a win/win for them, the police do nothing and they and the government are weak (and the PLP get away with mob ruling the prevention of democratic debate), the police step in the only way that is really available to them, some level of forced action to clear the unlawful blockade, and they and the government look heavy handed (and the PLP get to claim victims)… course it becomes a little difficult for them to claim their demonstration is peaceful when there is more than one video showing more than one of their supporters attacking police. And for clarification, they also show the police warning people before they resorted to pepper spray.

    • Cedar Stump says:

      Burt called it. Antagonist for personal gain !! What a joker.

      • John says:

        And Hiding behind a senior citizens human shield ridiculous

    • LostinFlatts says:

      So you await apologies from the Premier and Mr. Baron – both of whom have expressed that the use of pepper spray and force is regrettable but literally not something they have any control over – but expect not a peep from those that actually instigated the violence in the first place.

      Truth not narrative. It’s the only way to move forward. Peaceful protests are fine, welcome even. That is not what Burt and Hayward cultivated on Friday. It was not peaceful, there’s still an officer in hospital.

      We literally have videos of the police being attacked by this ‘peaceful’ protest, and yet the PLP still refuse to acknowledge their part in the what transpired and instead push this false reality where the protesters were singing holding hands before the police ran in with pepper spray. There were people in that crowd looking for a fight, and they instigated one.

  7. NCM says:

    And where was Walter Roban during the protest? Oh, right – out front and centre disobeying the police and breaking the law and inciting his supporters to also break the law. Perhaps the PLP will rebrand as the People’s Anarchy Party.

    • Sojourner says:

      And when people criticize the rebranded party will it be called a PAP smear?

  8. John says:

    The PLP will get back in power next election but I hope they are up for the job because you better believe they will have to govern under very high standards and scrutiny as Same same same old won’t cut it

    • SOS says:

      You might want to tell Dunkley that he still thinks the OBA is the UBP!

    • DJO says:

      lets hope NOT as they march to their own deaf drumm and have no regard for us Bermudians only out for their own personnel gain and the gains of some past plp heiracrchy plus they lie so much they cant even remember

    • almost says:

      Difference is that supporters of the opposition would never resort to illegal actions, intimidation or death threats.

      You get what you vote for. Vote for PLP, you get a self serving party

    • O.M.G says:

      Ya and is all there followers going to eat there words about the AC or chase them out

  9. John says:

    Bottom line is if you are in the protest game don’t send your mama and expect to get the strong arm of the law we know a bermuda is pretend land in most things but things are changing , I mean what have we come to young folks at nonsense and fighting over an airport where we’re we when we wasted a million on Beyoncé??

  10. Are you kidding me? says:

    @ John you better hope they don’t get back in cause if they do ,it’s not going to be about you and me ,a new airport or not ,it’s about themselves and power,OBA,as had some bad moves ,but nothing to compare to wha PLP done when they were in,and if they do get back its just going to get way worse….

    • I can't believe it. says:

      Are you kidding me, what do you think this country is getting now. OBA and their followers are looking out for themselves. The OBA has put a nail in their coffin.

  11. Blind Sheep says:

    This is not about the right deal for Bermuda. This is about Burt and co, delaying this deal till the election is called so they can finish off what they started before they got voted out. I cannot be the only one that see this.

  12. O.M.G says:

    1 why did your leader ask everyone to illegally walk off there job
    2 why did he not stop his mob from blocking the gate illegally
    3 you as the opposition leader have taught your people to be criminals
    A very good way to start as a leader. For someone that’s supposed to be smart not really showing it.
    But that’s the record of the great PLP create a divide.
    It has nothing to do with black and white but unfortunately it’s an easy way for you guys to get votes your old leader did it every election.
    And as PLP mps you should not have had people there with sticks and you should not have put your elderly in the front lines they should have but sitting in a chair across the road protesting peaceful.
    Hopefully they are ok I hope the PLP are paying for you medical bills they are the ones that put you in the position to begin with.
    Is the union paying for you all to be off because I hope I am not.

  13. Up D hill says:

    Burts what,, 3rd week as opposition leader and this already, what a loser!!

  14. Hair says:

    If people want to act like Donkeys they get treated like one!! Get a life and a job… BINGO :)

  15. Jessica says:

    Minister of National Security Jeff Baron said, “As it relates to the operations on Friday, I wish to advise that as Minister I was not consulted, nor informed of the tactical options discussed and decided upon by the Bermuda Police Service or anyone else on Friday.”

    Was it Wednesday or Thursday than?

  16. Jus' Askin' says:

    Amazing how Blind Supporters do not take on that the gates to the grounds of the House of Assembly were actually blocked by the BPS.

    Freedom of Assembly was Denied/Blocked on PUBLIC GROUNDS


    If You are Tired of the PLP & OBA DIVIDING US, Vote for UBA ~ United Bermuda Alliance

    “We Build Bridges to Unite, Not Walls to Divide”

  17. Triangle Drifter says:

    The police did their job. If anything they were extremely restrained in their action. For MPs to be blocked from conducting the peoples business by a couple hundred noisy protestors is absurd. The gates should have been cleared long before 10:00AM.

    Want to get a taste of how police should have handled non compliance with commands? Watch a few episodes of COPS. You do not comply after a few commands, down you go & the cuffs are on. They are called Law ENFORCEMENT Officers for a reason. Here it is more like supervisors at a nursery school who don’t want any crying from the little ones with tender feelings.

  18. karen says:


  19. Bullseye says:

    The PLP are just terrible for this country right now. They want information but arranged to block the debate from occurring. They want meetings and inquiries and investigations all to delay progress. That is the key. They do not want to see Bermuda progress. With facts in front of them they claim there are no facts. It is staggering that anyone can believe this stuff.

  20. Skywalker says:

    This is all very disappointing.

  21. John says:

    Looking through the video of the protesters you can easily see most of the folks got issues no normal folks in there definilty not folks to represent Bermuda in a good light

  22. Terry says:

    And now Chris Furbert calls for more action/s

    BIU a tool of PLP

    Goodbye Bermuda.

    Sedition at it’s best.