Part Of Harbour Rd To Be Closed On Weekends

January 18, 2017

Commencing this weekend, a section of Harbour Road — between Pomander Road and Lovers Lane — will be closed to all vehicles and pedestrians during the weekend for the next five weeks in order to allow emergency repair work to take place.

A police spokesperson said, “Members of the public are advised that commencing this weekend [Saturday 21st January], Bermuda Waterworks Limited will be carrying out emergency repair work to their water main on Harbour Road.

“To facilitate the repairs it is anticipated that a section of Harbour Road, between Pomander Road and Lovers Lane, will be closed to all vehicles and pedestrians during the weekend for the next five weeks.

“However, that stretch of road will re-open weekdays for use by commuters.

“The project is scheduled to start early each Saturday morning and finish late each Sunday afternoon or early evening – subject to weather conditions.

“Relevant signage will be placed in the surrounding area and motorists in particular are advised to plan ahead and take alternate routes as necessary.”

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  1. Cedar berry says:

    Could Police or Bermuda Waterworks clarify if it is Pomander Rd entrance on The Lane (so technically not Harbour Rd), or Pomander Rd exit (Dinghy Club). Will exiting east from Stowe Hill (Strawberry Hill) be affected (as well as access to that veterinary clinic)? Thanks!

  2. Um Um says:

    Pomander Road intersects Harbour Road in two places; which intersection is the beginning of the closing?

  3. Father Ted says:

    Has Tweed gone yet?

  4. Broken Suspension says:

    Can they please resurface the whole road and not just patch over the patches?

    • sage says:

      That road has got more lumps and bumps than the Southside mx track, have they re-done that disgrace in Somerset yet?

    • Jus' Wonderin' says:

      For real Harbour Road is like a scrambling track with d amount of potholes and bumps!

  5. Brian says:

    Anyone know where to buy anti pepper spray masks ?