Children Welcome Commuters On East Broadway

January 10, 2017

The legacy of Johnny Barnes is now a regular aspect of the Bermuda Tourism Authority’s #LoveMyBermuda campaign.

Once per month the island’s school-aged children are welcoming morning commuters into Hamilton while standing alongside a life-sized Johnny Barnes mascot.

Yesterday young people from the Pembroke Hamilton Club youth football programme were the latest troupe to wave and offer a “good morning” from the round-about at East Broadway, just as Johnny Barnes did for decades.

PHC youth footballers greeting morning commuters Monday at East Broadway

PHC youth footballers Bermuda Jan 10 2017

The Bermuda Tourism Authority-run #LoveMyBermuda campaign is designed to instil pride in the island’s tourism product among children and adults, regardless of whether or not they are in the hospitality industry. The campaign has done extensive outreach in Bermuda’s public and private schools at all age levels.

“The hospitable nature of Bermuda’s people is something visitors have consistently highlighted as an attribute they love about our country,” said Karla Lacey, COO for the Bermuda Tourism Authority [BTA].

“Johnny Barnes was, of course, the epitome of friendliness and hospitality so we think it’s a good fit to involve his legacy into the #LoveMyBermuda campaign, especially in a way that touches young people who may not be as familiar with who he was.”

CP Athletic and Mount St. Agnes Academy have also joined the Johnny Barnes mascot to welcome morning commuters over previous months.

The Johnny Barnes mascot is a business venture started by Monique Georges and Shawn Stovell with the blessing of Mr Barnes and his widow, Belvina, prior to his passing.

The morning greetings at East Broadway happen the first Monday of the month. The next is Monday, February 6, 2017.

Youth groups or schools interested in taking part should contact Leonard Williams at the BTA

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  1. give thanks says:

    I do love this. However, I must admit that I find the J.B. mascot a tad bit creepy.

  2. Truth says:

    Shouldn’t they be in school?

    • Soup 'er Man says:

      @Truth, all of life’s lessons are not learnt in a classroom. Didn’t you ever take a field trip, a vacation, do community service, volunteer, become a member of a team of any kind? Wait what am I asking, it is obvious that you didn’t. If you did, you would see the big picture.

    • sage says:

      Apparently the dangers of having children standing at a busy intersection in rush hour traffic, breathing in exhaust fumes and brake dust are of no consequence to BTA marketing geniuses, and Johnny Barnes Mascot a “business venture”?

      • Legalgal says:

        Johnny Barnes should not be a “business venture” and his image expoited unless profits are going to his widow. Shame to exploit his image for profit.

  3. see that coming says:

    That’s right, put children in/near the roadway at rush hour….

  4. Point boy says:

    I’m not sure where I’m at with this.

    We all love Johnny Barnes.

    But every week someone has children out on that very busy roundabout promoting one thing or the other.