Court: Woman Charged With Wounding A Man

January 10, 2017

Appearing in Magistrates Court this morning [Jan 10], a 25-year-old woman was charged with wounding a man.

Ms Janea Lowe did not have to plead as her case will be dealt with in the Supreme Court.

The first charge against her was that in Devonshire, on 9th January 2017, she unlawfully wounded a man.

The second was that on Loyal Hill in Devonshire, without reasonable excuse, she possessed a bladed article that had a cutting edge of 4.5”.

Magistrate Khamisi Tokunbo ordered her to attend the February Arraignments of the Supreme Court, set bail at $5,000, required a surety, and ordered that Ms Lowe must not have any contact with the complainant.

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