OUTBermuda Thankful For ‘Diverse Support’

January 31, 2017

OUTBermuda hosted its first ever ‘In Good Company’ community outreach event, a forum designed to bring together the LGBTQ community, their allies and loved ones for a day of community building, dialogue and planning.

The organisation said, “As a new charity, OUTBermuda’s goal was to give stakeholders the ability to influence the organization’s future.

“A platform was offered for individuals to share their hopes, dreams and aspirations for Bermuda as a whole, while critically assessing the role OUTBermuda can play in creating the kind of community that reflects our highest aspirations for our Island.

Out Bermuda January 31 2017 TC

“The day was designed to stimulate dialogue and promote understanding, while encouraging full and active participation by all attendees. While the work to compile the information shared is still being completed, two complementary themes emerged.

“It is obvious to many that there is a desperate need for safe spaces and helping services for LGBTQ people on the Island. In addition, there exists an opportunity for OUTBermuda to work together with LGBTQ people and allies to build community with all people in Bermuda regardless of race, sex, gender, religious belief, sexuality, age and differences in ability.

“A more formal publication of the lessons learned by hosting the community ‘In Good Company’ will follow shortly. OUTBermuda is thankful to those who were present, and also to those who were unable to attend but who submitted messages of support and encouragement.

“The session was oversubscribed and the numbers present far exceeded the expectation of the OUTBermuda team. In particular, OUTBermuda is thankful for the diverse support shown and looks forward to working with stakeholders as we work towards fulfilling its mandate to promote and support the health, wellbeing, safety and protection of Bermuda’s LGBTQ people.”

For more information on OUTBermuda, checkout their Facebook page or visit www.outbermuda.com.

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  1. We Need it Now says:

    So great this wonderful organisation is moving forward. Very proud of you.

  2. Gargoyle Wings says:

    I wonder if this Charity’s public event was on par with Preserve Marriage’s public charity event…..oh, wait……..

    • Just the Tip says:

      Sorry but could you explain what you mean by ” event was on par with” ?

  3. Shari-Lynn Pringle says:

    I felt so very honoured to be a part of this inaugural event. Exceptionally proud to see so many diverse Bermudians and her people in attendance. We all realize that we don’t have to be fixated on one thing. The community will not grow through standing still or hiding. Life, and love, goes on. Thank you again for organizing and facilitating this event. I’m looking forward to the information and action that flows from this event.

  4. Sahima Choudhury-Thomas says:

    So grateful and thankful to have been a part of this event. Thank you to the organizers for bringing so many people together. I was overwhelmed by the love, support and ideas shared. I look forward to hearing more and working with OUT Bermuda as they continue to grow.

  5. Pastor Syl says:

    Proud to have been able to be present and to share hopes, dreams and potential solutions with so many diverse people. It was heartening to see so many folks so interested in doing something positive. I applaud OUTBermuda for the idea and the very positive, on point format that allowed for very constructive sharing. Now, if only all those folks I emailed would reply…..

  6. on de rock says:

    I just joined and made a donation. Well done!

  7. Quinton Berkley Butterfield says:

    This event superseded my expectations. The participatory nature allowed our creative juices to get going to look for opportunities, and to find solutions to issues. Indeed Bermuda needs safe spaces for LGBT individuals. I was also encouraged participating in a discussion about Trans issues, something that does not get it’s due in many LGBT discussions.

    There was a great community feel, and a feeling of acceptance at this event. Not a negative vibe was present. All in the pursuit of love and happiness for all Bermudians. Thanks OutBermuda! Keep up the good work!