SSL Launches Port Worker Training Campaign

January 25, 2017

Polaris Holding Company Limited [Polaris], parent company of Stevedoring Services Limited [SSL], launched its 2017 Port Worker Training and Certification Campaign.

The ongoing programme is geared to certify dock staff in stevedoring and the most current hazardous material handling protocols and health and safety best practices. The training represents a collaborative commitment between Polaris’ management and the BIU.

Osric Forrest, Director School of Advanced Skills at the Caribbean Maritime University is on island to assist with the introduction of the programme.

Allan Butterfield, James Douglas, Robert Lowe, Osric Forrest [Caribbean Maritime University], Warren Jones, Eric Berkeley, Troy Smith and Brian Wellman

IMG_3647 SSL

A spokesperson said, “In 2016, SSL became an Associate Member of the Port Management Association of the Caribbean, which has as its mission the goal of improving regional port management efficiencies through training, certification, collaboration and information sharing.

“As part of this membership, the Caribbean Maritime University was enlisted to conduct state of the art training for SSL staff.

“Today’s training was scheduled to minimize impact to SSL customers with early morning service for the high traffic trucking period, followed by a temporary service break until 1:00PM when full dock service was restored for the remainder of the day.

“Management communicated the scheduled short-term interruption to all stakeholders in order to reduce disruption and facilitate service for affected importers.”

James Douglas, Chris Furbert [BIU], Robert Lowe, Troy Smith, Allan Butterfield, Osric Forrest [CMI], Warren Jones, Eric Berkeley and Otis Minors.

SSL Bermuda January 24 2017

Polaris CEO, Warren Jones stated, “The training is an essential part of the City of Hamilton Dock service delivery improvements for our customers. It enhances team efficacy, and builds on the critical health and safety goals that we have set to protect our workers, and it will contribute to operational efficiency metrics that our shareholders will certainly appreciate.”

“SSL has seen a marked improvement in operational efficiency over the past three years, demonstrated in the 2016 financial results and improvement in relationships between staff, management and union. Reduction in health and safety incidents, as well as container loss have been a focus of the company over the past three years and this campaign is expected to improve success rates.

“We invite the public to get a glimpse of Polaris’ collaborative management approach that has successfully leveraged the relationship and strengths of the Executive, Management, Board of Directors and Union.”

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  1. United we stand
    Divided we fall

  2. Takbir Karriem Sharrieff says:

    Dock Workers ,,,,,,backbone of BIU,,,,along with Sanitation Workers,,Bus Drivers,,,,and all other Unionised Supporters…….Congratulations.

  3. Alvin Williams says:

    good program

  4. O.M.G says:

    The first thing that needs to be taught is not to walk off the job in an illegal protest. Just like the police they should be an essential service

    • Thats why its important to be organized, when de powers that be abuse their power, thats when people power kick in.

  5. Keepin' it Real!...4Real! says:

    Now we’re cooking with gas…everyone to be certified workers just like anywhere else…now they can also compete in the international workforce.

    Don’t be chained to de rock…get your certifications and leave…there’s a big big world out there…and then more bermudians can become certified and so on the circle revolves.