BTA Increases Marketing In New York & Boston

February 24, 2017

The Bermuda Tourism Authority [BTA] said they have “ramped up its marketing in New York and Boston to grow vacationer demand out of those markets where increased airlift is coming online this year.”

As an example of targeted, integrated efforts in New York City and Boston, media placements currently include television spots on local ABC stations before, during and after the Oscars as well as online marketing and in-cinema advertising in local theatres during the screenings of Oscar-nominated movies.

A spokesperson said, “Commercial airline seats flying out of New York to Bermuda grew 43 percent in 2016 and the BTA forecasts further growth from that market in 2017. Out of John F. Kennedy Airport seat capacity to the island is expected to climb another 23 percent in 2017, on top of the increases seen in 2016.”

“Growth out of New York matters because it’s where 40 percent of our US-based leisure visitors come from by air, more than anyplace else,” said BTA CEO Kevin Dallas.

“In 2016 airlift out of New York was up 43 percent and leisure air arrivals grew 46 percent. With additional New York seat capacity coming online this year, we must concentrate our marketing accordingly to ensure demand keeps up with supply.”

“Beginning May 18, 2017, JetBlue will operate two daily non-stop flights between New York City and Bermuda, bringing the total number of daily flights from JFK to up to five per day among all carriers. A sixth will arrive from nearby Newark International Airport.

“A greater supply of airline seats typically leads to more competitive pricing for visitors and locals alike.

“Boston is following the same pathway as New York, expected to jump 18 percent in seat capacity for 2017 when compared to 2016, thanks in part to JetBlue’s commitment to serve the market year-round alongside Delta Airlines.”

“The newly added year-round airlift from New York and Boston is critical because it gives us a chance to grow visitation during the winter,” said Michael Fahy, Minister of Tourism, Transport and Municipalities, who oversees the Department of Airport Operations.

“If we can keep visitor volume high between November and March, hotel workers, taxi drivers and everyone else working in hospitality can stay on the job and avoid seasonal layoffs.”

“Last year airlift out of Boston was up 4 percent and air leisure visitors from Boston were up 13 percent. The BTA forecasts continued growth from New England in 2017 to fill the larger inventory of seats flying to the island from Logan International Airport.”

Mr. Dallas said, “On airlift we work in tandem with the Department of Airport Operations. When we have supply and demand properly balanced, as was the case in 2016, it means good news for Bermuda’s tourism industry.”

“Last week officials from the BTA and the DAO attended the Routes Americas Conference in the United States to meet with key airline decision-makers about Bermuda’s airlift for 2017 and beyond.”

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  1. watching says:

    can we get some attention paid to the Philadelphia region, the Southeast region (Atlanta, Charlotte), and the Halifax Canada region?
    We can fish where the fish are while also expanding our efforts as well.
    Internationally as well can we get some other markets involved – Azores, Germany, an additional carrier to UK. what about Dubai, Qatar, Barcelona? What about a flight to San Juan, Puerto Rico, that would provide options to the Caribbean and South America?
    We have already signed the deal for the airport.
    Now efforts must be focused on ensuring the airport pays for itself.