PLP Honour Tucker, Harvey, Raynor And Warner

February 28, 2017

The PLP presented their annual Drum Major Awards at their Founders’ Day event, honouring the teachings and contributions of Marie Lilah Tucker, Lynette Harvey, Eldon Raynor and the late Allan Warner.

A PLP spokesperson said, “The PLP is honoured to announce the recipients of our annual Drum Major Awards, who were celebrated this past Sunday, February 26th at our 53rd Founders’ Day event.

“Since the PLP was founded in 1963, we have been fortunate that so many formidable individuals have served as leaders and workers to empower Bermudians to achieve economic, social and racial equality.

“Founders’ Day gives us an opportunity to celebrate one another’s work, achievements and ideology; to unite and to break bread and to show respect for our elders and all community servants.

“The Drum Major Awards are derived from a Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. sermon where he said, “Yes, if you want to say that I was a drum major, say that I was a drum major for justice, a drum major for peace and a drum major for righteousness… I just want to leave a committed life behind.” The purpose of the Drum Major Awards is to celebrate those who have given freely of themselves to uphold these ideals through voluntary community service.

“The criteria for selection is that the person or organisation must have made a positive contribution to the community and the lives of others. This year, the PLP acknowledged the teachings and contributions of Marie Lilah Tucker, Lynette Harvey, Eldon Raynor and the late Allan Warner.

“Marie Lilah Tucker was a dedicated employee of the Child Development Program who went over and above the call of duty. She has been a Senior Mentor for YouthNet, always displaying patience and kindness to young people. Throughout her life, she has opened her home and, more importantly, her heart and has given her last so that others less fortunate can be better off.

Slideshow of the PLP Founders Day & Drum Major Awards:


“After a long career a Ministry of Health accounts clerk, Lynette Harvey continued to offer her services after retirement to many government departments. Her greatest love has been working with the Pathfinder Club since 1976. She was an Area Coordinator where she led out as the Master Guide Club Instructor.

“From playing his first cricket game at the age of thirteen representing Southampton Rangers, Eldon Raynor played for St. George’s at Cup Match for 21 years. He has represented Bermuda internationally and is an inspiring community gentleman who has donated countless times to youth and senior cricket, softball and netball funds over the years.

“The island suffered a great loss with the passing of Allan Warner, Gombey Leader of the Warner Gombeys, and it is our honour to posthumously award him. Allan began dancing at the age of 3 and, as taught by his elders, he learned the Gombey dances which depicted oppression, slavery, freedom and life.

“Under Allan’s leadership, many young men were provided opportunities to be ambassadors for Bermuda by performing at numerous international events, allowing Allan and his dancers to spread Bermuda’s name worldwide and to highlight the legacy of the gombey dancer. Allan Warner was a father, uncle, cousin, friend and tourism ambassador. He represented the best of our community both locally and abroad.

“Economic and social issues often overshadow the positives the community should celebrate. So, whilst we must always forge ahead, the past should not be forgotten, either the mistakes or the victories, because we have much to learn from everyone.

“Our keynote speaker, PLP Senate Leader Renee Ming, supported these sentiments when she asked the community to share their experience and continue to hold all parliamentarians to account.

The 3-hour live stream replay is below:

She said, “I encourage, no, I challenge, each adult person here to educate a young person about our past. Share all your stories. Don’t allow them to continue on their various paths without understanding where we are today didn’t come without sacrifice. Help them have the knowledge and power to navigate our Bermuda.

“We remind ourselves to uphold the essential mission of the PLP; to be the empowerment of the broad majority of the Bermudian People. We see a New Bermuda, in which talents of every Bermudian will be mobilised in building a humane society, in which social and economic justice is a reality, not just an ideal.

“Two Bermudas exist today. Some in Bermuda seem to be prospering, while others wonder where their next meal is coming from. Two Bermudas that seem to peacefully co-exist as long as the second class does not try to include itself in the first class. Our children attend schools that have no wireless internet and a crumbling infrastructure. How do we expect our children to complete for the top-level jobs in Bermuda without a sound educational footing?

“Being heard doesn’t always mean that we will agree. But through dialogue, communication and inclusion we can agree to disagree and find a common space. As parliamentarians, we have a job to do; our work consists of tasks either suggested, requested and assigned to us from you. It’s our job to have a vision for your future. Your children and grandchildren deserve a framework that allows for Bermudians to excel in Bermuda.

“I implore you to hold the next PLP government accountable. Make sure that we listen to your needs. We work for you; don’t ever forget it! You are part of the process. My message to you today is inclusion of everyone in the process. Inclusion will lead to a better Bermuda! Working together will get us there,” Senator Ming added.

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  1. hmmm says:

    “I implore you to hold the next PLP government accountable.” Senator Ming.

    How about us people hold the current PLP accountable for stirring up emotions, blocking job opportunities, causing disruptions to lives and the like. Also how about us reading the findings of the COI and holding the PLP accountable for those. Disgusting.

    • O.B.A. are finished, call an election now.
      Oh wait you need one of us to be leader first.

      • hmmm says:

        OJ you are a nothing to the PLP, you are deemed disposable by your PLP.

        Eventually you will realize and see yourself as disposable by you.

        This I find very sad.

      • wahoo says:

        Do you honestly think that the average Bermudian is so naïve that they would squander their vote by re electing the plp? We had 15 years of BS governing from them and the best they can do is throw a drum major award lunch and quote MLK? Why don’t you ask your great leaders what happened to the prosperous island they took over back in 1999 and ask them how they could have trashed it. Ask where the $800M is. The past 4years as opposition has not proven them either, rather than debate like intellects they choose to make noise and change the subject.

      • the real Terry says:

        Onion Juice I wouldn’t order the caterers or close off C St. just yet you might just get egg on your face AGAIN. LOL

  2. Rocky5 says:

    PLP – good Opposition. PLP as Government – abysmal. If a majority of voters cannot recognize this, there is simply no hope for Bermuda.