Premier: ‘Ready To Work And Prepared To Work’

February 10, 2017

MPs were in the House “bright and early” because “there’s nothing more important than working for the people of Bermuda” and “I have no apologies for us being here early ready to work,” Premier Michael Dunkley said today.

Asked about comments made that OBA MPs were in the House at around 5am, the Premier told Bernews, “It was early hours of the morning, but I’m not sure it was 5am, and that was simple because we are always excited and energetic to get into the House.

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“We have a very busy day like we did last week, and our team is committed to working together to move this country forward.

“We’re going to be here all day, and we wanted to come in early and put ourselves in a good position as a team to represent all the people of this country for these very important issues.

“We are here bright and early, and we’ll be here through lunch, and we’ll be here until the Speaker drops the final gavel, because there’s nothing more important than working for the people of Bermuda, and being prepared to work for the people of Bermuda.

“I have no apologies for us being here early ready to work, and prepared to work,” added the Premier.

Yesterday, BIU President Furbert had called for BIU members and members of the public to gather at 8.00am today at Union Square. Some people did attend, however there were no large scale protests outside the House of Assembly.

Police, who had been maintaining a presence at the House of Assembly, removed barricades at the House of Assembly this morning, and today’s House of Assembly session got underway.

After having been previously delayed, the debate on the Airport Development Concession Act 2016 and the Bermuda Airport Authority Act 2016 is scheduled to take place at the House of Assembly later today.

Live updates on today’s sitting of the House of Assembly continue here.

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Comments (53)

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  1. lifetime says:

    How shameful and desperate….
    Oh by the way did Sylvan Richards apologize like a good guy should have?
    OBA jokers!

    • Earth watch police says:

      Your right about the shameful and desperate actions of the biu today

      • Herbalist says:

        Asked about comments made that OBA MPs were in the House at around 5am, the Premier told Bernews, “It was early hours of the morning, but I’m not sure it was 5am, and that was simple because we are always excited and energetic to get into the House.

        I would have respected you better if you stated that we turned up early to avoid the BIU Rent a Crowd and PLP, but to spawn such fake words. Now I we know what you’re really like behind that fake smile.

        Thank you UBP/OBA Leader.

    • bdaboy says:

      lol, plp loser

    • Black Soil says:

      Well wouldn’t want the Trumpites to shut down the system just the way Donald Trump would do. Donald Trump is going to be facing legal troubles too in the courts. Thank God we live in a system where justice isn’t dished out on the streets. Thank God for an independent court system that ensure civility rules

  2. sage says:

    Mike, work=force x distance.

    • sage says:

      Very truthful statement, ” we are ‘oways exited and energetic to get into the house… and “work” for the people…,” blah blah blah, yeah right, it had nothing to do with not wanting to face of with Chris and Co. It was a good strategy, don’t deflect, own it.

  3. Original Truth says:

    I respect his statement; however, it is an example of “alternative facts.”

    How could you justify that you wanted to be prepared to do the people’s business when you couldn’t until the House actually started at 10am?

    That’s just simply foolish to believe otherwise.

    You were afraid to walk through the people – - to face the people. And that is a sad state of affairs for the supposed leaders of the country.

    • Cedar Stump says:

      You were afraid to walk through the people – - to face the people.
      I think you mean a lynch mob. You are a sore loser.

      • Earth watch police says:

        Well if the people were able to assault police.officers who knows what they would have done to the government mps .

    • Northshore says:

      @ OT Why don`t you stop calling them the “PEOPLE” and call them what they are? You affarid to? I`m not, they are BIU members ( very few of them) and PLP supporters of the 60`s and 70`s !! Get over yourself!

      • @Northshore “The PEOPLE” have ALWAYS been described as the group who fight oppression or the risistance.

        • Northshore says:

          self proclaimed BS from you as always!

        • Earth watch police says:

 #ullsh#t you should be mad at the people’s lying party since they didn’t share the 800 million with you lol.

    • Or perhaps the police suggested a way of avoiding the violence of the past. Well done.

  4. somuchless says:

    Work, work, work, work lol

  5. Bermudian says:

    I guess showing up early for work is quite foreign to most Bermudians……

  6. VJ says:

    Come on now, don’t insult our intelligence!! How much “work” can they do when the session couldn’t begin until hours later?

    • Northshore says:

      @ VJ Guess your one of those who cannot work on your own accord then.

      • VJ says:

        Don’t be ridiculous. They could have done that work at their office. They’re not about to debate until all of the other players are in place. Like so many have already stated, we would respect him more if he told the truth about why they went in hours early. Then he wonders why his party can’t be trusted.

        • Northshore says:

          @VJ I get to work sometimes at 4:30am planning tomorrow, next week and next month to make it in my field, its called forward thinking! Something very foreign to you , I am stoked the OBA were in the house early that is simply called outsmart! BAM!!!!

  7. Hmm says:

    The BIU no show was a welcome surprise. Must have been too cold to oppose the airport project. I still haven’t figured out what the BIU has to do with the country’s airport…

    • wahoo says:

      The members do not support Chris Furberts’s agenda simple as that and CB was pretty embarrassed. By the way union members, thank you for not turning today into what we all feared it would become.

    • Ray says:

      I to wonder why the Union feels it needs to call all Union workers to stop working (without pay) and go to protest an airport debate, that when approved will create Bermuda jobs.
      Every Bermuda job created means one less unemployed Bermudian.
      60% Bermudian jobs is not perfect, but better than none, if the project does not go ahead.

  8. bdaboy says:

    “You were afraid to walk through the people – - to face the people. ”

    No, not ‘the’ people, those people…because, those people have demonstrated that they are belligerent and hateful…and do not represent all of Bermuda…I’d avoid them too.

  9. Trump supporter says:

    How dear you not tell Mt FURBERT and the BIU you’ll be there early. Sent him back to the drawing board.
    Now build the airport it’s going on to long,if the plp have a problem with aecon,use one of there contractors from there projects

    • Caroline c says:

      Kinda nullifies the F’burts attempt at a last minute wild cat strike! Duckin’ Dunckley 1:F’orf F’burt 0.

  10. Really says:

    It was just intelligent to arrive before rent a crowd, why would ANYONE have to apologize for being early. Seriously I thought they may spend the night there! Why wasn’t Furby or one of his lackies up watching The House?

    • sage says:

      Glad they developed intelligence since they were blocked from entering the house a couple of months ago, for the third time was it? Brilliant strategists, a little slow but hey.

  11. Point boy says:

    The Milk Man is always up early, and delivers to.

    Why would they subject themselves to the foul and verbal abuse you were desperate to deliver?

    Sick and tired of the bullying tactics!

  12. Northshore says:

    Well Done Michael Dunkley now build the dam airport!

  13. ALVIN WILLIAMS says:

    Bright and early to do the people’s work? This premier is going to look real ugly when history has the finale say on this period added to it is the police riot against peaceful protestors the lock down of parliament and the covet entry of OBA politicians in the dead of the night to avoid the people and finally the head of a government which will be a one term government.

    • Up D hill says:

      I would not bet on that Alvin ,, even you know there is no alternative !

    • Joe Bloggs says:

      Sorry Alvin, what peaceful protestors are you referring to?

    • Earth watch police says:

      Mr Williams #uc# off they were a lynch mob looking for blood marching for a non tweed if you were that pissed off you should have waited for the house to come out and told them personally maybe it was to cold for you.

  14. Reality check says:

    I congratulate the OBA MPs on successfully out maneuvering Chris Furbert and his shenanigans . I also congratulate the large number of BIU members who chose not to support Furbert’s nonsense over this issue .

  15. James H says:

    PLPtards were late. Get over it you losers! Bermudians can’t make time! Funniest day all year. Pathetic biu and plp without their ex pat that walks on water. Still laughing at these zeros. Hahahaha. Losers.

  16. Takbir Karriem Sharrieff says:

    O.B.A.Government operating under the Politricks of Stealth……hide the pertinent issues from the voting public,,,,,,then get up out of bed to make 5.00am,,,to debate….and the Speaker is in the house to at that time,,,,,?////?????Come on,,,,,the first time in history that it has occurred.???

    • hmmm says:

      No pertinent issues have been withheld.

      when you buy a car from a garage you done’t get to see the operational financial model of the garage.

    • Earth watch police says:

      Takbir put your energy into finding the 800million did they give you any of it I doubt it that’s why your so mad.

  17. Ernest says:

    Just think how better off we would be if we could all work together for the good of all Bermudians.(Mankind).

  18. Brian says:

    Moral of the story read understand let the facts soak in and then get your lazy butts outta bed if you wanna get work done

  19. Jadon says:

    Excited to work lmao so why is this the first Friday they were the there early. Dunk your a liar !

    • Northshore says:

      You got outsmarted and your vexed and now your name calling,,, grow up !

  20. Clare says:

    Well played, OBA!

  21. Caroline c says:

    Imagine having to apologise for being early for work!

  22. Nana says:

    Well done OBA! You do not need to explain yourselves for being early. Keep up the good work !