Ascendant Confirm 10 Jobs Made Redundant

March 14, 2017 | 31 Comments

Ascendant Group Limited announced an “organizational restructure effective immediately,” and confirmed that ten people will be made redundant, saying that the “majority of the 10 redundancies are within the management and supervisory levels.”

“Over the past six months we have made some significant strides in mapping out our future and identifying how to effectively deliver on our strategic plan. As part of this exercise we have been reviewing all facets of our business and that includes our organizational structure,” said Mr. Sean Durfy, President and CEO of Ascendant Group Limited.

“After careful consideration and analysis, today we have made several changes to the organizational structures of BELCO, AIRCARE and Ascendant Group Limited. These adjustments have been made in response to changes in our business environment and our goal of increased synergies and improved efficiencies across our group of companies.”

“These changes are difficult. The majority of the 10 redundancies are within the management and supervisory levels. With our electricity customers facing increased bills due to higher tax on fuel, the introduction of new regulatory fees and the cost to maintain aging infrastructure, we need to operate more efficiently and be nimble to deliver the excellent service Bermudians expect and deserve.”

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  1. watching says:

    “These changes are difficult. The majority of the 10 redundancies are within the management and supervisory levels. With our electricity customers facing increased bills due to higher tax on fuel, the introduction of new regulatory fees and the cost to maintain aging infrastructure, we need to operate more efficiently and be nimble to deliver the excellent service Bermudians expect and deserve.”

    Seems like these cuts might be related to the increased operating costs that are being pushed through by the OBA government.

    • Justin says:

      Yeap, but every employee in our bloated civil service is safe. It ain’t right, is it?

    • Kidder says:

      … as a result of the massive debt left behind by…

      Finish your sentence if you want to play the blame game.

    • Not de O.B.A. who said they would provide 2000 jobs !!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Patch Kid says:

        Onion Juice – So the PLP were successful because they created how many jobs? They OBA would not have even had to make that a goal if the PLP had not totally F’d up the economy and drove many jobs overseas.

        And by the way Onion Juice – we all know that the reason the PLP hired 1,000 people to the Civil Service is to try and hide how bad the job losses were, and to mask the true unemployment disaster that the PLP caused.

        How many Job losses during the PLP years 4000 I believe? So if in 4 years the OBA unemployment figures show JUST ONE job created and it isn’t in the Civil Service that shows true progress.

    • Accurate says:

      The Government costs us 161 million dollars a year than it takes in and has done now for a decade. Do the math.

    • sage says:

      “The Plaintiffs maintain that what was promised was that they would receive the existing level of coverage under the Lighthouse Plan free of charge for the rest of their and their dependents’ lives.” Court Rules In Favour Of Retired BELCO Workers
      February 18, 2017

    • Americas Cup are looking for workers.

    • Glen T says:

      Regulatory Authority are making them pay $3.4 million in fees!

      Thats $130 per home per year!!!

  2. Just wondering says:

    Company should’ve never been formed.

  3. Don cornelius says:

    their only concern is the shareholders dividends.

  4. spider says:

    This is BELCO’s response to new government tariffs on avoided costs on not having to produce electricity and not being allowed to introduce a new rate structure.
    Tit for tat.

  5. JUNK YARD DOG says:

    I have been in their shoes.

    That hurts after 26 years a recession took me out as sales went down.

    I feel so sorry for those 10 people who no doubt gave of their very best.

    I can under stand that may be one or two getting the hatchet but not as many as 10, is this the trend ” going forward ” ? usually it is good practice for a business to weather the storm to look to other means to stay viable, dumping people, has to be the very last resort before the company goes belly up.

    People always make it work !

    Here are some other policies in the” box of tricks”.

    Company retirement policy.
    Early retirement.
    We just purchased a new fleet of trucks
    Offer part time work replacing full time with pay cut.
    Pay reduction.
    Capital building projects.
    job offer below qualifications or ability.
    Productivity below standard.
    Poor management. Some body has to go.
    New broom sweeps clean.
    Modernization of the company.
    Staff Re-organization.
    Restructuring for the third time in two years.
    Business has fallen off.
    The boss was threatened because you do a better job.
    The recession.
    Too many sick days.
    Going to too many funerals.
    Not having the ability to get along with other people and other staff.
    My Wife was told after 46 years before retirement.
    “Got no job for you.”

    The aforementioned not is all gloom and doom ,after 26 year i eventually after 6 months found another job in the same discipline.

    The General manager increased my pay by 25% and saying I was being underpaid.

    The sad part is crossing the bridge of depression ,lack of self esteem and self worth.

    “Carbarundun iligitimi “

  6. Uhh What says:

    This is mainly the doings of the regulatory authority and yes, slightly increased fuel tax

    • Pooh Bear says:

      Garbage. Price of fuel has steadily fallen over the last 18 months. Marginal tax increase would only offset the reduction in price of the fuel itself. This is shareholder driven with an ‘eager to please’ ceo. Happens all over the world, sadly.

      • Wrong says:

        Wrong. Fuel prices fall, tax increases. Regulatory Authority is mainly to blame costing the bill payers to pay $3.4million a year and refusing to let Belco upgrade their infrastructure.

  7. Truth is killin' me... says:

    How about all the years you should have been upgrading your infrastructure instead of paying your dividends out! Management should be the first to get the hatchet!!

  8. Natural says:

    2000 jobs OBA, where are they!

  9. JUNK YARD DOG says:

    Time is ticking away one year at a time, we have yet to see those alternate energy theory devices get past the planning stage.

    Where are those wind farm and solar systems they have been talking about,those rotators don’t have to be as high as the lighthouse.

    Surely they know that fossil fuel will not be viable over the long term .

    AIRCARE is mostly a seasonal enterprise,Sorry guys, hold on to your hats, your next.

  10. LoL says:

    More Job losses….hmmm i think OBA meant 2000 JOB losses instead of the opposite. Lol Bermuda for you.

  11. Former BELCO Employee says:

    As a former employee of BELCO, I applaud the new CEO. He has realised something that has been going on for some time now. There has been job creation, secret pay rises, personal vendettas, and power hungry personnel within management that has been ruining the company. Especially for young Bermudians wanting to learn, and make their way up the ladder.

    One of the people let go has been one of the main people standing in the way of young Bermudian males development at the company. He has had a “I got here, so if I let you get here, my getting here will be less significant” attitude towards the workforce development.

    With some of the people that has been made “redundant”, BELCO will be able to move forward and provide services and allow the professional development of young Bermudians.

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